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Mike Clarke was born in Toronto, Canada in 1960.

In 1972 I worked in our family trophy business until 1980. Duties included running the pantograph (manual engraver) and assembling trophies.

After graduating from University in 1984 I joined Canada’s largest awards manufacturer and sold finished award and promotional products to end users. In 1988 I joined up with my father and formed MTM Marketing. MTM Marketing was a sales agency representing 4 companies all of whom supply the trophy and awards industry.

In 1991 I started selling lasers along with existing rotary engraving machine line which he started selling in 1988. I have also spent 7 years selling Universal Lasers and 13 years selling Epilog Lasers. For the last 4 years I have been selling Trotec Lasers.  I bring 24 years of experience working with and training people on laser machines.

I am a writer for the Engravers Journal and has been doing that for 17 years

I have been quite avid in doing a number of CorelDraw help files over the years. I have also done a number of seminars in the US and in Canada.

Over the years, I have made it a priority to help customers with CorelDraw and Laser issues so that they could get the maximum out of their laser machines. The production of this website along with the videos on YouTube are a culmination of years of work. I am presenting it to you to help you become a better user of the laser and CorelDraw. If you have any questions we can be reached at


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