Saturday , June 25 2022
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Cutting 20mm Acrylic

In this video we are going to cut out an object from a 20 mm piece of Trotec acrylic. This acrylic is cast and has a very good cover which you can leave on when you are cutting. Notice I have raised up the acrylic and there is minimal back flashing …

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Text Properties Docker

In this article, we will look at how to decipher the Text Properties Docker. Why Use the Text Properties Docker? It allows you to control all aspects of the Text you are using. Open up The Text Properties Docker To open up the Text Properties docker go to TEXT (1) …

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Welding Objects – Creating a Legend Plate

One of the harder techniques that people have difficulty with is the weld function. In this tutorial we will review how to use the weld command. The best way to learn the weld command is to start off with a simple example. Showing what happens with an overlapping circle and …

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