Tuesday , October 23 2018
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An Explanation about Engraving Cutters

ROTARY ENGRAVING DESCRIPTION Rotary engraving is the term used to describe engraving done with a rotating cutting tool in a motorized spindle.  The tool, or cutter, cuts into the surface of the material to a predetermined depth and produces a groove of the same shape and dimension of the cutter.  Rotary engraving …

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Dodge and Burn Command

One of the big problems that we encounter when we are working with photos that comprise two people is the issue of one being light and the other being dark. The problem with this contrast is that typically the darker skinned person lasers to much (because the image has so …

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Creating a Laser Job from an Email

Here is a job one of my dealers asked us to do. This is not a hard job but he did not have a laser so we did the job for him. He emailed me the suggested setup from his customer. I also had to go to Brands of the …

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