Tuesday , October 23 2018
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Using the Direction Arrows for Objects

One of the new features to come out of Corel X4 and X5 is the ability to see what direction your machine will be moving based on the object. Typically, when it comes to engraving, whether it is with a laser or with a rotary our direction was controlled via …

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Using Laser It White with black printing metal

This lesson offers a quick tutorial on creating a photograph on the new Laser it Material with your CO2 laser machine. This material is available from Trotec and is good for plaque designs Here is our original photo Import your image into CorelDraw Select Contrast Enhancement Select EFFECTS | ADJUST | …

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Text Terminology

In this article we will look at Text terminology. What this means is that we will be looking at certain terms that are used to describe text. Some of it may seem rather basic but for some beginners it may not. Font A design for a set of characters. A …

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Find and Replace

There are a number of times where I recieve files where I have to change the line weight or the colour. THis can be a duating task when there are hundreds or even thousand of seperate items to change. Can you image having to change 500 lines in a file …

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Using LMC 6044P Aerosol Can

For a number of years we have relied on the Thermark / Cermark to allow us to mark stainless steel and other metals. One reason this process has become so successful is that there always has been an aerosol spray available to make it easy to apply the spray to …

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Using Corel PhotoPaints Clone Tool Part 1

Problem: When working with photographs occasionally you are presented with a photograph that is contaminated with finger prints, has ripped edges or creases. Sublimating this image is not a good idea as the final image is only going to look as bad as the original. Solution: The best way to …

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