Sunday , December 17 2017
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Selling Award Programs-Recognition Programs

This was an article I did years ago that I used to give when I was training Ad Speciality sales reps on how to sell and where to see awards and recognition programs. Question: Why sell Recognition Programs? – Recognition Programs     Answer : To diversify and expand your …

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Setting Up Your Defaults In CorelDraw X6, X7, X8

In this lesson we will look at how to set up a default workspace in CorelDraw X6. This is typically what I do for my computers. You may do it differently depending on your workflow and your likes and dislikes. In X6 CorelDraw has introduced Style Sets which is where …

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Setting Up a Test File For Thermark / Cermark

Typically, when it comes to testing materials I have two methods. One involves creating a black box in Corel and just engraving the image. The second involves an actual test file that uses the colour mapping in your laser driver. Typically on most material such as plastic or wood I …

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Setting up a Table in CorelDraw

Sometimes when you have to set up for a coache’s plaque or a annual plaque where you are engraving all the names it is easier to use a table layout. A table keeps all the text in line, spaced and you can justify the cells if you want. Here is …

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Setting up your Colour Space in Corel X3 or less

When you are doing laser engraving or sublimation (Sawgrass driver) you need to turn off your colour correction and work in the RGB colour space. In this article we will address this setup. Create a square in Corel Create a rectangle in CorelDraw. This is a control square Select the …

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