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July, 2016

  • 3 July

    Creating a New Logo From Bad Artwork – Aids Logo

    Now let me ask you – how many people come into your shop and say “I need you to reproduce my logo and to make it easy here is some good quality black and white artwork”. Not often. What do we get? Low quality gif and jpeg files (images from …

  • 3 July

    Creating a Music Box Part 4

    This lesson is a continuation of the series on creating a music box. In this lesson we will be creating one of the sides. Here Is The Side That We Need to Reproduce Here is the side that we need to reproduce. This side is like the other sides except …

  • 3 July

    Creating a Music Box Part 3

    This lesson is a continuation of the creation of a music box Here is the Part to Create The image on the left is the image that we created in our second project. The image on the right is the image that we ned to recreate. You will notice from …

  • 3 July

    Creating a Music Box Part 2

    In this lesson we will continue looking at how to recreate the music box. Here is Our Original Here is the one side of our box that we will be recreating. Place the Original in the Top Left Corner As we did in the Part 1 we need to place …

  • 3 July

    Creating a Music Box Part 1

    One of the more popular downloads off the Epilog Website is the music box. A number of customers have asked how to recreate the technique of interlocking tabs. This is easy in CorelDraw and we can use the existing music box design to show you how to recreate the design. …

June, 2016

  • 30 June

    Creating a Half Circle Equipment Tag

    In this article I will discuss how to recreate a tag that was sent to me by a customer to recreate for their laser machine. Here is the Image that Needs to be Reproduced Import in a scan of the part we want to reproduce. I have straightened it up …

  • 30 June

    Creating a Group of Hearts Along a Bigger Heart in CorelDraw

    Here is a request from a customer to create a big heart made up of a bunch of smaller hearts that follow along the shape of the heart. This was easy to do in CorelDraw using the blend command. Create a Page Create a page that is 6 by 6 …

  • 30 June

    Creating a Dial in CorelDraw

    One of the more common items that we need to engrave is a dial. If you do any work for industrial customers than you will need to be able to master this technique. Doing a dial in CorelDraw is easy it just requires a little more thought when you are …

  • 30 June

    Creating a Cutout From a Photo to Make a Jig

    There are times when it is easier to engrave a number of items at once using a Jig. When we want to make a jig we usually use a piece of acrylic and we cut out the shape of the image that we are trying to laser into the acrylic. …

  • 30 June

    Creating a Control Panel Layout Part 3

    This lesson is the third in a series of 4 lessons on crating a control panel layout in CorelDraw. In our last two lessons we created our speed control dials and our switch lights. In this lesson we will be creating our speed control label. Create Our Ellipse We now …