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August, 2016

  • 25 August

    When I create a thick outline my square edges get cut off in CorelDraw

    One of the problems that people have when they are resizing vector graphics in CorelDraw is that some of of the outlines when made bigger lose there squareness at the edge. This is not a bug in the software but is a preset in the software. You can change this …

  • 25 August

    When I scale an image up I want the line width to scale with it

    Sometimes when you want to scale a vector drawing up you may want that line width to scale up or down with the other objects. This is quite easy in CorelDraw. Create a simple vector object I created a rectangle Assign an 8pt line width Select the rectangle and go …

July, 2016

  • 6 July

    I want to do an outline on my text that is offset by .1 inch

    In this tutorial I had a customer ask me how to do an offset on a line of text that was .1 inches. This is easy to do in CorelDraw by using the contour command. Type in some text I just typed in some text called “test” Get rid of …

  • 3 July

    Creating a Music Box Part 4

    This lesson is a continuation of the series on creating a music box. In this lesson we will be creating one of the sides. Here Is The Side That We Need to Reproduce Here is the side that we need to reproduce. This side is like the other sides except …

  • 3 July

    Changing the Default Line Properties in CorelDraw X5 or Less

    By default the line properties of a line are in Points, are hairline (note in X4 the line thickness is .014. At this thickness the line will automatically raster engrave instead of vector cutting) in thickness and is black in colour. If you would like different attributes you will need …

June, 2016

  • 30 June

    Creating a Group of Hearts Along a Bigger Heart in CorelDraw

    Here is a request from a customer to create a big heart made up of a bunch of smaller hearts that follow along the shape of the heart. This was easy to do in CorelDraw using the blend command. Create a Page Create a page that is 6 by 6 …

  • 22 June

    Changing the Default Pen Width in CorelDraw X6 X7 and X8

    Starting with X4 Corel decided that the default pen width should be .007. This creates an issue for those that want to vector cut objects on a laser. This is because most laser drivers need to see lines widths less than .007.The line width allows the laser machine to recognize …

  • 18 June

    Changing the Width of the Vector Line

    Changing the Width of the Vector Line When you need to do a vector cut on a laser it is imperative that the line width on your vector line should be .001 thousand of an inch. By default in CorelDraw the line width is Hairline or .003 of an inch. …