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Changing the Default Line Properties in CorelDraw X5 or Less

By default the line properties of a line are in Points, are hairline (note in X4 the line thickness is .014. At this thickness the line will automatically raster engrave instead of vector cutting) in thickness and is black in colour. If you would like different attributes you will need to change the values in the option menu.

Open up The Tools Menu


First you need to open the “Options” menu by going to the tools menu – see Figure 1.

Open Up the Styles Menu


When you open the Options menu you will be presented with an dialogue box as per figure 2. On the left side expand out the tree and click on the “Styles”  (red box) folder see figure 2.

Select Default Graphic


Next click on the “Default Graphic” text icon in the right window as per the red box in Figure 3. Next click on the “Edit” button – outlined in blue in Figure 3.

Change Your Defaults.


Figure 4 shows the dialogue box that comes up. The red box will change the default value for the line width. The blue box indicates the type of measurement which in this case is inches. The green box indicates the colour of the default line.
Typically we want a .001 line width and an RGB red. Once you have changed your settings click the “ok” button.

Click on Your Save Options


You will be back in the main menu. Now we have to save these settings so click on the “Document” tab as per figure 5.
Check the “Save options as Defaults” as per the blue box in Figure 5. Make sure that only the “Styles” option is checked. By checking this only the changes done in the “Styles” section will become a default.
Click “Ok” to exit.

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