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Changing the Default Pen Width in CorelDraw X6 X7 and X8

Starting with X4 Corel decided that the default pen width should be .007. This creates an issue for those that want to vector cut objects on a laser. This is because most laser drivers need to see lines widths less than .007.The line width allows the laser machine to recognize these lines as vectors. For this exercise I will show you how to change the defaults in X6 as this has been changed in this version of CorelDraw. Typically we made our changes in the styles section of the Tool menu. This has changed in this version which means we need to change this.

Our Default Line Width is .007 In X6


When we draw a vector object (1) in CorelDraw X6 our default line width is .007 (2). This line width is to wide for our laser to recognize the object as a vector cutline. The laser will try to raster engrave it which is no good.

Change our Outline to Hairline


If we want to change our line width go and select the Pen tool – red arrow. Your pen tool will flyout. Select the Hairline outline (1).

Our Line Width is Hairline


I have changed the line width to hairline. Now how about if I want to change the default. We can do this for just the Document or for all documents.

Changing the Line Width for a Document


MAKE SURE NOTHING IS SELECTED in CorelDraw. First we need to select the Pen tool – red arrow line. Next select the hairline width (1). A hair line width is recognized by all lasers as a vector cut line (as long as the line colour is RGB).

Select the Graphic Setting


Because nothing is selected CorelDraw will assume you want to change the defaults. You are presented with the following dialogue box. Select Graphic because our line or box is a Graphic image (1). Click Ok and our default line width for our Document is hairline. Note: this only changes the defaults for the existing document. We want to change the width for all documents.

Changing the LIne Width as a Default for All Documents


Select TOOLS (1) | OBJECT STYLES (2).

Select Default Object Styles


When we open the Object Styles Docker it will dock to the right side of our workspace. We need to select the “Default Object Properties” (1). To open up the properties click on the triangle located at the left or where the red arrow is pointing.

Select Graphic


Once you click on the triangle your Object Properties will expand out to show you a number of types of media. Select Graphic (1).

Change Your Attributes


When you click on Graphic you are presented with the attributes of the line. Under width (1) select the pull down menu. Select Hairline instead of .0069 as is the default.

Change to Hairline


Select Hairline instead of .0069 as is the default (1).

Set the Default


Select the Export and the Import command (1). Select the “Set as New Document Defaults”.

Select Default Object Properties


Select the Default Object Properties (1). This will change the defaults for any future documents. Click OK.

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