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Changing the Fill in an Object

Many times it is advantageous to change the fill of an Image. Maybe you want to change the colour. Maybe you would like to change the fill from 100% black to 60% black (useful for engraving images on glass). This tutorial is set out to explain the fill routine.

View Your Image in WireFrame


The first step is to make sure that we have a vector image (a line drawing). To make sure you have a vector image you can go into “View => Wireframe”. Your image should look like figure 1. If the image is a grey box than the image is a bitmap and you can not do this technique. Note: if the image was black and white and a bitmap than you can do it but we will leave that to another discussion.

Click on the Fill Icon


Select the image (make sure you are out of wireframe mode). Now go to the fill icon in the toolbar on the left. Click the black rectangle with your left mouse button and hold the mouse button down – see Figure 2

Your Fill Bar Flys Out


You will now have a bar that will expand out. See figure 3.

Select the Fill Dialogue


The next step is to go to the end and select the fill dialogue tool Figure 4

Selecting the Fill


The fill box comes up as in figure 5. You can select the colour by just clicking in the colour area. If you leave your mouse on the fill it will indicate the level of fill.

Select Colour from The Colour Palette


You can also select a colour by selecting your image and clicking on the fill bar on the far right of the screen. Figure 6.

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