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Changing the Width of the Vector Line

Changing the Width of the Vector Line
When you need to do a vector cut on a laser it is imperative that the line width on your vector line should be .001 thousand of an inch. By default in CorelDraw the line width is Hairline or .003 of an inch. Note: in X4 this default is .014. On a laser this is no good and means that our vector line is going to raster instead of cutting. For this reason we need to make the line width say Hairline or .001.

How do we change the width of a vector line?


Create your image. Figure 1 shows that we have drawn a star.
The next step is to select the image.

Select the Pen Tool


3. Next we need to select the pen outline box. Red box in Figure 1 and the tool is in Figure 2.

Select the Outline Pen Tool


The tool bar in figure 1 will fly-out as long as you click on the black arrow while holding down the left mouse button. If you want you can drag it out to the work area as the above box indicates in figure The toolbar becomes known as a flyout.
Now click on the pen tool. See Figure 2 blue box.

Outline Pen Tool Dialogue Box


Next the dialogue box in figure 4 comes up. This is where you can change the line width, colour etc. In this case we want a line width of .001 of an inch.
We now have a vector line that will engrave on our laser.

Changing the Default Line Width


If you want to change the default line width to .001 or hairline all you need to do is follow the above steps except do not select anything.
When you change the line width to .001 as per Figure 3 CorelDraw will present you with the following dialogue box. See Figure 5
Make sure that only the “Graphic” option is checked. This means that only graphic objects such as box, circles etc will have the vector outline. By checking the other options you will apply an outline to any artistic or paragraph text.Click okay

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