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Changing the Zoomed View in CorelDraw

How many times have you brought an object into CorelDraw only to see a low resolution rendition of the image. I know I have have and there is a reason. Typically to try and get all the objects on the screen our default view is 100%. 100% view is based on the document not the image. To be able to view the image and see a good quality image we will need to zoom in it. Note: this is different in Corel PhotoPaint where the zoom view is based on the object not the document.

Here is our image opened in CorelDraw


At this view our image is hard to see and the quality does not look good. The View is set to 100% (1)

Set the zoom to 400


To see the image all I need to do is to zoom in on the image or to change the zoom from the zoom menu in the property bar. Click on the pull down menu (1) and than select 400% (2).

At the proper zoom our image looks good


At 400% our image is looking very good.

Error Diffusion images


One of the common errors that people make is that they assume the quality of a photo that has had an error diffusion algorithm applied to it is no good. As you can see from the image if the zoom is set to a normal 100% than this is true (1)

The image in the command window looks good


Here is an image that I converted to black and white. The original image is on the left and the black and white image is on the right. The default view shows me that the image is ready to go.

However now it looks bad


If we bring the image in at the normal view than it looks bad. Our zoom level is 100%

Change the view


Here is the image zoomed to 500% (2). You can see that it looks good at this size. So just because the image does not look good on your screen does not mean that it is not good in actuality. If you are worried that the image does not look good you can zoom in on the image.

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