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Condensing Text In CorelDraw

One of the most important features that is needed in any engraving program is the ability to Auto Condense text. Although a number of people confuse frame text with the ability of CorelDraw to condense text this is worong because text will condense to a frame but the text will “wrap” if it gets to the end of a line. Let us say that we are doing a 1 by 3 namebadge and we have a person’s first and last name on the name tag. If we are bringing in a number of names the one issue we will quickly encounter is that certain names will extend beyond the borders of our tag. In many cases these longer text strings will actually fo off the plate. It would be nice is CorelDraw could control this condensing. In this tutorrial we will look at how to create a condensing box so our text will not go beyond a predefinded width.

We Have a Condensing Issue


Figure 1 shows that we have a condensing issue. In this example you can see that my text is running off the plate. I need to be able to condense this text. There are a couple of ways we can fix this issue. We could take our longest line and deceares out text height so that each line will fit into our line. This is not usually a good idea as there can be cases where out text is just to small for our overall job. My second option is to manually condense the lines that fall outside our margined area. This is an option if I have realtively few lines however if I have a lot of lines this can get tedious. The third way to to modify our names so that they fit. We could shortform a name to allow it to fit. This is not very good either as we our customer probaby will want the names as it appears in their file. The fourth and final way is to create a condensing box.

Our Line is Condensed


IN the abouve figure you can see that I have manully condensed the text so that it condenses to my guidlelines around the plate. Note: it is important that if you are creating a condensing box that the text you are using runs the length of the area that you want to use for the condensing box. This is why I have drawn in the guidelines. The indicate to me the extent of how far I want my text to extend to.

Make Sure Your Text is Center Justified


If you do not have your text default set to “Cente” make sure it is done. Clcik on the Justifaction icon (1) and select Center (2)

Select the Envelope Command


What is an Envelope in CorelDraw?

CorelDRAW lets you shape objects, including lines, artistic text, and paragraph text frames by applying envelopes to them. Envelopes are made of multiple nodes that you can move to shape the envelope and, as a result, change the shape of the object. You can apply a basic envelope that conforms to the shape of an object, or you can also apply a preset envelope. After you apply an envelope, you can edit it or add a new envelope to continue changing the object’s shape. CorelDRAW also lets you copy and remove envelopes.
You can edit an envelope by adding and positioning its nodes. Adding nodes gives you more control over the shape of the object contained in the envelope. CorelDRAW also lets you delete nodes, move multiple nodes simultaneously, change nodes from one type to another, and change a segment of an envelope to a line or curve. You can also change the mapping mode of an envelope to specify how the object fits to the envelope. For example, you can stretch an object to fit the basic dimensions of the envelope, and then apply the horizontal mapping mode to compress it horizontally so that it fits the shape of the envelope.

Envelope Docker


Once you select the Envelope command you will have the envelope docker appear on the right side of our workspace.

Our Envelope Command is Active


Before we precede let us first of all take a look at the Envelope command. Figure 3 shows us that when an envelope is being applied a blue box appears around the text. When you are happy with the envelope that has been created then click on the “apply” button. The envelope command can be very powerful I however we will be only using the basic settings found in the docker.

Assign an Envelope


Make sure your line of text is selected. Click on the Add New button (1). Next make sure that “Horizontall” is selected (2). Click on the Apply button (3). We now have createded a condensing envelope. Note: this condensing box is based on total length of the line that we select.ed.

Select Edit Text


To edit out text make sure that the text is selected by using the pick tool. Next Click on the TEXT (1) | EDIT TEXT (2).

Type in New Text


With our text edit window open add in some extra text. Here I have added in “Edward”. Click the Ok button.

Our Text Is Condensed


If we place in more text our text will continue to exisit in the box that we created when we created the original envelope. As we add the text the line continues to condense.

Our text


If our text is amde smaller than the condensing box than the text stays as if the condensiing box was not there.

Create Text And A Box


Another way we can create a condensing box is to create a box that we willl condense into. In this eaxmple I will condense a 3 line text job. I have created a box that is my condensing area. I have indicated the box in red. First we need to select out text not the box. Next select “Add New”. (1). Next select the eye dropper tool (2).

Click on the Rectangle


Once we clcik on the “Apply” button our cursor tuens into a back arrow. Now with the arrow move it and click on the red box somewhere at the top or at the box. What we are doing here is telling Corel that our box is the condensing feild and we need to set the text conddensing field to this box.

Our Condensing Box is Created


Click on the “Apply” button and the condesing box is created based on the rectangle.

Our Text Will Condense


All three lines of our text are now condensed. This is typically what we want so that the look of the text is kepp. If the bottom two lines condensed than the effect of the look of the text may not be right.

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