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Converting an Excel spread sheet into a CSV file

Although you can bring in an Excel file into CorelDraw using the CSV can be quite easy and more applicable for those that are not familiar with merging text. It is as easy as just saving the file as a different file format. Note: You must close the excel and CSV file before you can properly access the file in CorelDraw

Open up your Excel File


Go to FILE (1) | OPEN (2)

Select your file


Select ” All Micorsoft Office Excel Files” (1). Select your file and select “Open”

I have open the Excel file in Excel


The file is opened in Excel

Save the File


Select FILE (1) | SAVE AS (2).

Create your CSV file


Select CSV file format (1). Give the file a name (2). Click Save (3).

Click yes


In the warning box click “Yes” (2).

Close the File


You must close the file before you can properly access it in CorelDraw. I selected “No” (1).

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