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Creating a Basic Layout in Vision Windows

One of the more popular techinques to do in any engraivng software is to take an individual plate and create a series of those plates on a bigger plate. Thus the engraver will engrave the text or logo on each one of those plates. If you have a 1 by 3 plate you can place that 1 by 3 on a bigger plate such as a 9 by 8 and get 24 plates on one big sheet. This cuts down on a lot of the work. If you are doing plastic the engraver can also cut the plates out.

FIrst we need to create a new job


First click on FILE | NEW JOB. Now we need to create our plate size. For this example let us use a 4 by 2 inch plate

Next we need to create the plate size


Click on PLATE | AUTOLAYOUT or press the F5 key.

Now we need to tell the program the size of the plate and the number of lines


Type in the plate width which is 4 (1). Next type in the plate height which is 2 (2). Type in the number of lines you want to create (3). If you need to change the letter height click on the Height (4) and (5). Click OK (6).

Create Your First LIne


In this example we will be duplicating the first line in each one of the plates. In this example the first line on each plate is going to be “Fuel Oil”. To duplicate a line we need to create that line before we do our multiples. Type in “Fuel Oil” as per step 1 (1). You can see that when you type in a line it is displayed in the view window at the bottom. Leave line 2 (2) empty as we will be putting a different line in each plate for this line. Our line height is displayed in setup (3). Notice in the yellow box that we have 1 of 1 Plate.

We Now need to Open the Multiple Dialogue Command


Click Options (2) and than Multiples (2).

First we need to create our Master Plate


Within the multiple command we need to tell the software the size of the master plate that we are going to create. Our bed is 10 inches wide and 8 inches high. So we are going to make our plate the size of our bed. So we need to cut a piece of plastic that is 10 by 8. On this sheet we are going to cut out 2 by 4 inch plates. Type in 10 (1) for the material width and 8 for the material height (2). The green box indicates our master plate (3). The 2 by 4 plate is indicated by the yellow box (4).

Set Your Margin


In this case we are cutting out plastic so at the end of the engraving of the text I am going to route out the plastic into individual plates. I do not want to cut on the edge of the ruler so I will move in the plastic .25 inches so that I am not on the rulers. I have put in .25 for the top margin and .25 for the bottom margin.

Type in the Number of Plates


Type in the number of plates that you want to engrave. I have typed 6 (1). Also make sure that “Score between plates” is checked (2) and that “Pause before score” (3) is checked (3). Click Ok (4).

Type in the Second Line


Click on the second line with your mouse and type in the text (1). Notice that we now have Plate 1 of 6 as per the yellow box.

Now type in the Text for Plate 2


To access the second plate click on the down arrow (1). This takes you to the next plate. Type in your text (2). Repeat this step till you have filled up all the text on each plate.

Select the Graphic Display to Preview the Job


To preview the job select Extra (1) and than Graphic Display (2).

Preview The Job


You can preview the job to see how it looks. To exit click on the Exit button (1).

Select the Engrave Command


Click on File (1) and than Engrave (2).

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