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Creating a Granite Mural with a Resample Photo Part 2

This is the second part of our tutorial on how to Create a Mural tile using the resample command

Invert Our Image


The next step is to invert our image. We want to invert it because we are going on black granite tile which engraves up white. Thus what is white becomes black and what is black becomes white. Go to EFFECTS (1) TRANSFORM (2) INVERT (3).

Our Image Is Inverted


You can see that my image now is the opposite of what it was and it looks more like a negative rather than our normal image.

Select the Graph Paper Tool


Now we need to create our grid that will represent out tiles. The Hot Key is D

Place in the Appropriate Number of Tiles


Ok how many tiles do I need to create? Well we have 12 by 12 inch tiles and our overall image size is 24 by 36. Thus we need 2 wide (24 / 2) and 3 down (36 / 3). BEFORE you create the grid type in your values (1). In this case I am using 2 wide and 3 down

My Grid is Created


Draw a Grid. Do not worry about what the size is as we will adjust his after. Notice I have 2 across and 3 down.

Adjust the Size of Your Grid


Before you type in your size of the grid make sure the “Lock Button” (1) is unlocked. If you do not do this the grid will proportionally scale. Type in 24 for you “x” and 36 for you “Y” (2). Our grid now matches our original image and they are both 24 by 36.

Align the Two Images


We now need to align the two images. Seeing that they are both the same size than we can just center then both to each other. FIrst off all select both images the photo and the grid. Now go to ARRANGE (1) ALIGN AND DISTRIBUTE (2) ALIGN CENTERS HORIZONTALLY (3). Repeat the same steps but do ALIGN CENTERS HORIZONTALLY (4). Note: You can see that both these commands have a hot key. Thus we could just press the E key and than the C key and we would have got the same result.

Our Two Objects Are Centered


Aligning the two objects have placed them over each other. Make sure the image is selected by pressing the TAB button till it is – look in the status bar.

Select PowerClip


We now need to select the Power Clip command. Go to EFFECTS (1) POWERCLIP (2) PLACE INSIDE FRAME (3)

Click on the Grid


Make sure the photo is selected not the grid (1). You can see that I have the photo selected. Your cursor is a big black rectangle. Move it over and click on the grid. This is telling the PowerClip command that you want to place the photo inside the grid (2).

Our PowerClip is Created


You can see from the status bar that with the photo selected we now how have a PowerClip group comprised of 6 objects (the 6 grids we created) 7(1).

Ungroup the PowerClip


With the PowerClip still selected go to ARRANGE (1) UNGROUP (2)

Remove the Pen Width


With everything still selected click on the “X” that is located in the colour palette (1). This will remove the red width around the 6 rectangles.

Our Outlines Are Removed


This removes the outlines around each one of the grids

We Can Separate the Grid Section Now


Now when I separate the grids from each other there is no outline on the grid. We now place each tile on a 12 by 12 page and engrave them

Make Our Page 12 by 12


Each tile is 12 by 12 and I am going to engrave 1 tile at a time. As a rule I would do one tile as each tile is probably not exactly the same size and this more than not may introduce a repeatable error issue. Create a page that is 12 by 12 (1) Make sure the grid (image) you want to use is selected and press the “P” key and this will center the image onto your page.

Lock Out Your Dimensions


One of the things that I do a lot when I am creating murals whether it is with a laser or it is by sublimation is I always increase the size by a small percentage to account for differences in the tile and also to get the “full wrap”. Make sure your lock button is engaged (1). Notice that our percentage is 122.6 by 134.6. I am going to increase the size by 2 percent from 122.6 to 124.6 (2)

Increase Our Tile by 2 Percent


I have increased my size percentage by 2 percent from 122.6 to 124.6. My height will automatically increase as I have the “Lock” button engaged. Notice that my size goes to 12.2 by 12.2 (2). Also very important is that my x and y center stay at 6 by 6 which means my image is still in the middle of the tile (3).
We now can go ahead and engrave each one of the tiles and create our mural.

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