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Creating a Group of Hearts Along a Bigger Heart in CorelDraw

Here is a request from a customer to create a big heart made up of a bunch of smaller hearts that follow along the shape of the heart. This was easy to do in CorelDraw using the blend command.

Create a Page


Create a page that is 6 by 6 (1).

Select the Basic Shapes


Select the basic shapes tool from the toolbox (1). Hold the left mouse button and the tool will fly out. Select the Basic Shapes (2)

Select the Heart Shape


Select the Shape button (1). Select the heart shape (2).

Draw Out the Heart


Draw out the heart. You can see that the heart is selected as it is in the button on the toolbar (1). Hold the Ctrl key and drag out the heart this will create a concentric heart.

Make Your Heart 3 Inches


First make sure that the unlock button is unlocked. Next make your heart 3 inches in size (2).

Create Another Heart


Create another heart. Select it and make it .35 inches tall (1). Make sure that the lock button is unlocked.

Duplicate the Heart


Next duplicate the .35 inch heart so that we have two made (2). To do this I usually left click on the heart and move it before I let go of the mouse right click and this will make a duplicate. If you hold the shift key the object will move over on the same plane.

Open the Blend Docker


Go to EFFECTS (1) | BLEND (2).

Select Both the Hearts


Select both the hearts. Type in how many hearts you want to make. I used 20 (1). Click on the Apply Button (2).

Select Blend to Path


With the blend selected click on the path command (1).

Select New Path


Select New Path (1).

Click on the Heart


Your cursor will turn into a bent arrow (1). Click on the heart with the arrow

Click Apply


Now the Heart is selected. Make sure the “Blend along the path” is checked (1). Click on the Apply button (2).

Our Blend is Around the Heart


Our Blend is around the heart. If you wanted to add or subtract the hearts you could decrease or increase the number from 20.

Select the Original Heart


Because we are going to cut this out of wood we need to delete the original hear that we created. So select the heart. I know it is selected as it is the “Control Perfect Shape” in the Status Bar (1).

Remove the Outline of the Heart


Anytime I am creating objects on a path I never delete the path. To remove the path so that it does not engrave requires me to remove the line colour. To do this right click on the “remove colour” in the colour palette (1). This removes the colour of the outline but it is still there later if you need to adjust the hearts.

Here is My Finished Object


Here is my image finished and ready to cut.

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