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Creating a Half Circle Equipment Tag

In this article I will discuss how to recreate a tag that was sent to me by a customer to recreate for their laser machine.

Here is the Image that Needs to be Reproduced


Import in a scan of the part we want to reproduce. I have straightened it up so that it it horizontal.

Create an Ellipse


Draw an ellipse so that is lines up with the inside arc of the part. Use the selection handles to adjust the ellipse.

Select WireFrame


I always like to turn my view into wireframe when I am drawing. Go to VIEW (1) | WIREFRAME (2).

Wireframe View


Here is wireframe view. You can still see the layout but anything you draw on top will be easier to see.

Duplicate the Ellipse


Select the bottom right handle (1). Now hold the left mose4 button down and the shift key and drag down and to the right. Your Ellipse will duplicate (2) – the light green line. When you get to the desired location right click on with the mouse and let go of the left mouse button.

Create the Second Circle


Our second circle is created and should be close to the text.

Select the Text Tool


Select the text tool in the ToolBox (1)

Input Your Text


Move your cursor so that it is right over the ellipse line (1) – your cursor will turn into an I with an A and a line below it – red circle. This indicates you can place text directly on the arc. Click on the line so that the cursor starts flashing on the line.

Start Typing


Make sure that the cursor line is flashing on the line.

Enter Your Text


I have started to type in my text. Do not worry as it is upside down we can correct that (1).

Our Text in Inputted


Our text is now inputted on the arc (1)

Mirror Horizontally


Click on the Mirror Text Horizontally (1).

Mirror Vertically


Select the Mirror Text Vertically (2)

Move the Text


Select your Pick Tool and than move your mouse over the text until the cursor turns into 4 arrows.

Move Your Text


Hold the left mouse button down and while holding it down move the text along the arc. It will turn green which indicates where it is as you move it.

Increase the Size of the Text


Click on the middle handle and drag to increase the size of the text

Increase the Text Height


Drag the handle till the text is sized to what you want. The black text indicates the original text (1). The green and blue outline indicates the new text location (2)

Here is the Finished Text


Here is the finished text. Once you are done repeat for all the text on the arc. Once you are done there you can create a new arc and place on more text.

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