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Creating a Jig for Skates

In this lession I will show you how I created a jig so that we could do a full bed of skate blades. The tools you learn here can be applied to creating any other jig. This jig was created in acrylic so I will be using the cutout to be my guide to laying out the job on each skate.

Create Your Plate Size


Create a page size that is 12 by 24

Here is our Skate


I have imported the skate design into CorelDraw. I have set my guidelines at 12 inches on the Y and .7 inches down on the Y

Select the Contour Command


In the case of this design the skate blade sits very tight in the jig. We need to add a little room so the jig is easier to take out. The way we are going to do this is to use the contour command. This command allows us to create an offset line away from our original line.

Select the Outside Contour


Select the Outside Contour Line (1). In this case I made my offset .05 inches in size.

Create an Outside Contour


Our image shows we now have two lines. The black line is the new contour that we created. We now need to delete the original line.

We need to Break Our Contour Apart


When we create a contour the way we break the orignal line and the contour line apart is to use the Break Apart commamd. We do this by going to the ARRANGE | BREAK CONTOUR APART. To delete the inside line deselect the contour and than select the inside line. Press the delete key to get rid of the inside line.

We Now Have Our Skate Done


With our inside contour deleted we can now duplciate the skate across the 12 by 24 inch piece of acrylic we are going to use to create our Jig. Mnay times people ask me what to make jigs our of. Acrylic is a good material to use. However I have used carboard, wood, styrofoam, plastic and foam. My adage is use what ever you can get. I like acrylic though because it is durable and stands up to the abuse of putting pieces in and out. For example cardboard is good to use to make jigs expecially in a pinch but it does not last long. If I was to use cardboard for the skate blades it would not be to long till the cardboard would get chewed up.

Open Up the Position Command


We now need to duplicate our skate blade around our 12 by 24 piece of material. First we need to open up the position command that is located in the Transformation docker. Go to ARRANGE (1) | TRANSFORMATION (2) | POSITION (3).

Make Our Changes in The Position Command


WIth the Position command open we need to input some values. Make sure that the Position command is open (1). Select the “Relative Position” (2). Next we need to make our anchor the middle handle (3). Our number of copies are 1 (we can only get 2 blades on the 24 inch width (4). Our offset is going to be 12 inches so our x value is 12 (5). Next to create our copy click on the “Apply” button (6).

Here is the Duplicated Skates


Here are ther two skate blades duplicated

Duplicate Downwards


We now need to duplicate the two blades that are horizontal downwards to fill up the page. Select both the blades that we created earlier. Set your Position command as per hte above. Our Y value is 1.6. This could be more or less but I suggest that you try to keep a little bit of distance so that you have some durability in the jig. I only have one copy so just keep clicking until you fill up the page.

Putter Jig


Here is a putter jig

Button Jig


Button Jig

Knife Jig


Knife Jig

Knife Jig


Knife Jig

Wooden Key Tag Jig


Wooden Key Tag done on cardboard

Wooden Key Tag


Another Wooden Key Tag Jig done in cardboard

Wooden Pen Box Jig


Wooden pen box jig made of cardboard. Notice the metal plate under the cardboard which is used fro durability.

Knife Jig


Here is a knife jig done in wood. Notice that the knives are vertical. This creates faster engraving times than doing the knives horizontal becasue of wasted space

Here are Some Knives


Here are some knives laid out in the jig. Notice how close I have them. I also have a piece of 1/16 plastic under the jig for stability. Thus the operator can load the jig and carry it to the machine and the knives do not fall out

Pen Jig


Here is a pen jig doen the same as the knife jig. Lay them vertical it is faster

Use the Products Packing


Hard to get a jig? Use the products packaging to use as a jig.

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