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Creating a Laser Job from an Email

Here is a job one of my dealers asked us to do. This is not a hard job but he did not have a laser so we did the job for him. He emailed me the suggested setup from his customer. I also had to go to Brands of the World to import the lions logo for him. I had to copy the text paste it into CorelDraw, than format the text. The next step was to import in the lions logo than output the job to the laser so that I could engrave it onto acrylic.

Here is the text from the email.


Here is the text from the email. I will have to format it again to get rid of all the spaces but the nice thing is that I do not have to retype the text into the job.

Select the text in your email client such as Outlook


In your email client select the text that you want to use in your setup. There are two plaques in this job so I am going to bring in the the two jobs. Drag your cursor and select all the text. You can see that my selected text is gray.

Copy the Text to the Clipboard


Once the text is selected you need to copy the text to the clipboard so that we can transport the text from our email client to CorelDraw. Select EDIT (1) and than COPY (2)

Select the Text tool in CorelDraw


Select the text tool in the toolbox (1) by clicking on the “A”

Select Maintain Fonts and Formatting


Select the Maintain Fonts and Formatting so that the formatting of the text in the email is carried over into the CorelDraw. You do not have to do this you can maintain the formatting such as boldness etc or discard everything and pick up Corel Draws default.

Our text is pasted into CorelDraw


You can see that the text from the email came in complete. This means that I do not have to retype the text

Our text is setup


I have formatted the text the way that I want it

Now let us get our Lions Logo


Open you web browser and type in (1).

Type in Lions International into your search


Next type in Lions “International” into the search box on the web site (1)

Look for the Lions logo in black and white


Seeing I am going to laser engrave this logo onto a piece of acrylic I need a black and white version of the logo (1)

Select the Download option


When you click on the Lions logo you will now need to tell the website that you want the logo. Make sure that the logo is EPS rather than AI. AI files are not as good at importing into CorelDraw. Click on Download (1).

Agree and Download


They make you repeat this step so select “I Agree” so that there is a checkmark there (1). Next Click on the Download button (2).

Click on Here


Next click on “Here” (1)

Select Save


Now we need to save the file to our hard drive so select Save (1).

Select your location


In this example I have selected the Desktop (1) than names the logo Lions International (2).

Select Import In CorelDraw


We need to import the EPS file into our job in CorelDraw so Select FILE (1) and than IMPORT (2).

Select the Lions EPS file


Select the Lions EPS file and double click on it to start the import procedure.

Select Curves


Because we do not want the font information we can select the “Curves” option (1). Than click on OK (2).

Import the Logo


Your mouse will turn into and inverted “L” along with a bunch of text that describes the logo in terms of its height.

Select the logo to get rid of the white box background


We need to un group the objects in this logo so we need to select the logo

Un group all the logo objects


Go to ARRANGE(1) and than UNGROUP (2)

We now can delete the outer white box


Once all the objects are ungrouped we can now select the outside box so that we can delete it.

Select the logo objects


We are now going to group the logo objects back together so select all the logo objects.

Select the Group command


Select all the objects and than go to ARRANGE (1) and than Group (2).

Select all the objects


With all the objects selected we can center them

Align the centers vertically


With all the objects (logo and text) selected we can now align the centers. Go to Arrange (1). Next go to Align and Distribute (2) and finally Align Centers Vertically (3).

Our layout is complete


Now that our layout is done we can now send the job to our laser so that we can laser the acrylic blanks.

Send Confirmation


The only thing left to do is to send a confirmation to my dealer so that they can forward it to their customer. Select FILE (1) and PUBLISH TO PDF (2).

Save the PDF


Give the PDF a descriptive name and save it to the hard drive

For large files save for web


If you are working with colour photographs and you want to make the PDF file smaller than change the settings to Web (1) and than save the PDF (2)

To email select your email client


Ok we want to send this file to our customer for approval. Select your email client. I am using Outlook but it does not matter.

Select New Message


Select new mail message

Select the File Insert


Select the File (1) and Insert (2)

Select the file to embed


Select the file that you want to embed which in this case is “lions order”. than click on insert (2)

Send the file


You can see the file is attached (1). Now you can send it.

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