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Creating a Multiple Tag Order Using the Print Merge and Auto Numbering Part 1

I had a customer call in and needs a job done as he is unsure of doing the job on his laser. So as a favor to him I will do the job. Here are the specs of the job:
The oval disc is a theater seat number & they are matching previous discs.
The size is 5/8 inches high by 1 5/16 inches long.
It is black plastic with white number engraved.
I need numbers from 1 to for 140 pieces.
I do not need the holes drilled in them.
My note he has not provided me with a text size

Here is a photo of the sample that I got


Here is photo of the tag that my dealer wants me to recreate.

Select New Page


Create a new page in CorelDraw (1)

Make the Page a little bigger


In this case I have made the page a little bigger so that there is no overlap on the two ovals. I have made the horizontal size 1.5 (1) and the vertical size .75 (2).

Page layout


Here is the page layout out

Draw the Oval


Now we need to draw the oval.

The Oval is Drawn


I have drawn the oval. With it selected we can see the size that it is (1). Unlock the scaling button so that different numbers can be placed in the size boxes (2).

Type in Values for the Ovals


Type in the values of the oval (1) and (2). I have used the fractions in case you did not want to figure out the decimals. When you are done press enter after you enter in the second number

Select the Pick Tool


Select the Pick Tool so I can select the oval. Select the oval

Place the oval in the middle of the page


Select ARRANGE (1) | ALIGN (2) | CENTER TO PAGE (3). Or select “P”

Lock out the Oval


The one thing that I like to do when I have a shape like this is to lock it out so that it does not get selected or moved. To Lock out this image right click on the oval (1). You will be presented with menu select Lock Object (2).

What is the Font size


The customer never gave me the font size so I dragged over the scanned photo that he emailed. As you can see the scanned photo matches up with the oval. Thus I can just measure the number and I will have the font size. Note: Under these circumstances I would send a confirmation – especially seeing this is for his customer.

Draw a box to the size of the font


Draw the box. The size of the font is .413 inches. I will use .4

Start the Print Merge


To create our auto numbering we will use the print merge in CorelDraw. Select FILE (1) | PRINT MERGE (2) | CREATE MERGE FIELDS (3).

The Print Merge Wizard Comes Up


Click on the “Create new text” (1). Than Click the Next button

Create a Number Field


Because our number is a number type and not a text type we need to add it into the Number area (1) and than click on the Add button (2)

Select the Number format you need


Once we press the Add button we have a field that is a number field (1) and its type is Numeric

Setup up your numbering sequence


Because I only want to create 130 tags with just numbers I am going to create 130 tags all at once. To do this un check the “Continually increment the numeric field” (1). The starting value is 1 (1) and the ending value is 130 (3)

130 numbers created


As you can see from the image I have 130 fields each with its own number in it

Click to Finish


If you want to save the data just in case you make a mistake you can click on the Save data as (1). Click finish if you are done.

Insert the merge field into you job


Once you click on the finish button the merge toolbar will come up. We need to insert the number field into our job. Make sure that the Field is “Number” (1). Click Insert (2).

Click with your mouse to insert the field


Click with your left mouse button where you want the text field to be in your job. Make sure the the field is selected.

Make the text center justified


Click on the justification button in the property bar in the menu section (1). Select Center (2).

Click on The Print Button in the Merge ToolBar


Click on the Print button in the print merge toolbar (1).

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