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Creating a Multiple Tag Order Using the Print Merge and Auto Numbering Part 2

I had a customer call in and needs a job done as he is unsure of doing the job on his laser. So as a favor to him I will do the job. Here are the specs of the job:
The oval disc is a theater seat number & they are matching previous discs.
The size is 5/8 inches high by 1 5/16 inches long.
It is black plastic with white number engraved.
I need numbers from 1 to for 140 pieces.
I do not need the holes drilled in them.
My note he has not provided me with a text size

Select your laser or printer


We need to select our laser or printer that we are going to use (1)

Select the Properties


Once the printer is selected we need to select the properties of the printer (1)

Create our overall plate size


In the printer / laser properties enter in the page size of you master plate. In this case I am creating the ovals into a multiple onto a 24 (1) Horizontal by 12 (2) vertical. When you are done leave the laser driver software.

Select the Layout Tab


In the Print command select the Layout tab (1).

Select the Edit button


Make sure that the layout tab is active (1). Select the Edit button (2) this is part of the imposition command

Create your multiples


We now need to place in the number of multiples we want on the horizontal (1) and vertical directions (2). Note: You will need to figure out exactly what you need and what will fit into the area. In this case I want 16 and 16 as this will max out the material. If I put in any more than the plates will get smaller.

I now have 256 plates


I now have 256 plates created if I want to fill up the whole page. I only have 130 so it will only create 130 plates

Preview the job


Click on the preview plate button (1). You can see the whole 24 by 12 multiple

Zoomed in picture


Here is a zoomed in picture

Leave the preview window


Click the ok check box to exit the print preview (1)

Click the print button


Select the print button to send it to the laser (1)

To confirm via PDF


Sometimes you may want to confirm the job with your custom. The best way it via a PDF. From the Print Merge tool bar select Merge to New Document (1).

Create 140 pages


This will create 140 pages in Coreldraw (note Corel will only create 999 pages.)

Each page has its own number


If we zoom in we have a number in each page

Select Publish to PDF



Name the File and Change your Settings


Give the file a name (1). Because this file is 140 pages we may only want to send 1 page for confirmation. If so you can select the settings button (2). If not just click on the save button.

Select the Page or Pages that you want to keep


If you want to send a certain page or pages select Pages (1) and than type in the pages you want to save (2). Click on Ok.

Click Save


To Save the file just click on the Save button (1).

PDF file size


The file that I saved with all the pages in it is only 159 KB. This is small and can be easily emailed.

Image in Acrobat Reader


Here is the image opened with the Adobe reader. It shows the oval and the number layout in the badge.

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