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Creating a Music Box Part 3

This lesson is a continuation of the creation of a music box

Here is the Part to Create


The image on the left is the image that we created in our second project. The image on the right is the image that we ned to recreate. You will notice from these two images that the image on the right is almost the same as the image on the left. The only difference is we are missing the tab at the top. So all we need to do than is to duplicate the image on the left and adjust to so that it looks like our left image.

Duplicate our Second Project Image


Duplicate the side that we created in our 2nd project.

Position the Image


We are going to position the side image at the 0 and the 4 inch make as I measure from the top left hand anchor point (1) Make sure Relative Position is unchecked (2) and the copies are set to 0. Make your copies 0 (3) and click on the Apply button (4).
Now you may be wondering why I am putting this object where it is and why I am even using this image. Well all I need to do it to crop of the top of tab and I have my next object that I need. I will show you two ways you can do this.

Place in a Guideline


To aid in our positioning we will need to position a guideline at the 3.75 inch mark. This will be the top of the new side that we will be creating.

Select the Shape Tool


Select the Shape tool from the ToolBox. Note make sure that the image that you are working on has been ungrouped.

Select the Side WIth Mouse


You will notice that your cursor will turn into a rectangle with a rectangle below it. Click on the line.

Nodes on the Object Will Appear


Once you have clicked on the object you will notice that a bunch of nodes will become visible. These nodes control the shape of the object.

Select the Top Left Node


Drag select with your mouse so that you select the top left node and only this node. You will know that it is selected as the node will become bold. Press the delete key. This will delete the node.

The Node is Deleted


You can see that the node is deleted.

Delete the Other Node


Select the other node and delete that node. You will now have straight line and our object is done.

Create Guidelines


Add two guidelines at the .25 inch mark and the 3 inch mark. We need to delete this part of the shape. I will be using a rectangle to trim the shape and I need it to be exact so I can do this with the guidelines.


To make sure that the rectangle I create snaps to the guideline I have enabled “Snap to Guidelines (2). Make sure there is a check mark beside the text.

Create a Rectangle


Next we need to create our rectangle so select the rectangle tool located in the ToolBox

Position Your Box


Place your rectangle so that it lies over the shape. Note: I have placed in a guideline on the horizontal position (1). Because we have Snap to Guidelines on our box will snap into place once it gets close to the guidelines.

Extend the Rectangle


To make this technique work requires that we extend the rectangle beyond the guidelines. It does not matter how much just that it has been expanded beyond the original guidelines.

Open Up Your Shaping Docker


Open up the shaping docker which is located in the ARRANGE | SHAPING | TRIM menu.

Trim The Shapes


Make sure that the rectangle that we drew is selected. Now from the Shaping Docker select the Trim button. Your cursor will change into the above image (1). Click on the original object.

The Line is Cut


Now the the line is cut we can select each node and drag inwards to the middle.

Select the Shape Tool


Select the Shape Tool (1)

Drag the Node


Now Click on the node either on the right side or the left side (1) and drag to the left. Because you have Snap to Guideline on the node will snap to the line. You can also hold down the ctrl key and the line will stay as an ortho line for you.

Drag the Nodes Together


Because we have the guideline at the /25 inch mark when our node goes over the line there is text that is displayed that shows us the word intersection.

Our Image is Finished


Once you drop the one node onto the other the line closes off.

Another Way – The Knife Tool


There is another way to do this and it involves the knife tool which is located in the Tool Box (1).

Move the Knife to the First Node


Move the knife to the first node. You will notice that because our Snap to Guidelines is activated that when I hover over the intersection of the guidelines that CorelDraw high lights it (1). Click to start the cut and drag to the left.

Drag Left


Because the Snap to Guideline is active the line travels along the guideline as indicated by the word “Edge” (1)

Click at the Intersection


Once the mouse is over the other intersection is is indicated by the word intersection (1). Click again.

Our Image is Fixed


Our image is done.


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