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Different Jigs

Here are some different jigs that I have created or used over the years. If you have one send me a photo of it and I will place it here

Putter Jig


This jigs was for putters

Button Jig


This jig was for doing button. It was done on cardboard so that the customer could press his buttons into the round holes and they would stick.

Button Jig 2


Here are the buttons pressed into the jig and sprayed with Thermark (Cermark).

Pocket Knife Jig


Here is a jig in acrylic for pocket knives

Pocket Knife Jig 2


Here is another pocket knife jig cut into acrylic. To make this jig required me to take a picture of the jig and than use the photo to draw out the outer shape of the knife so that I could cut it with the laser machine

Wooden Key Tag


Wooden key tag jig created out of cardboard

Wooden Key Tag 2


Here is a bit of a different jig for another wooden key tag

Key Tag 3


This jig does key tags.

Key Tag 4


Here are the key tags line up on the jig

Wood Pen Box Jig


Here is a jig to hold wooden pen boxes

Pen Box Jig Reinforced


I put a sheet of engraving material behind the jig to give it strength and rigidity.

Knife Jig


Here is knife jig to hold a number of knives. I have a metal sheet under this jig (made of wood) to add strength.

Knife Jig 2


The secret here is to keep the knifes as close to each other to maximize your speed across the knives.

Knife Jig 3


All the knives lined up in the Fiber Laser

Pen Jig 1


Lots of pens on this jig

Pen Jig 2


Pens are lined up close to each other to maximize speed

Use the Box the Product Came In


Sometimes using the box that the item came in makes a good jig

Use the Box the Product Came In 2


I used 3 mm mdf to create this knife jig

Beer Stein Jig


Pink Styrofoam works good. This glass fits perfectly in the rectangle cutout. This jig allowed the customer to do his mugs flat and in multiples.

Wine Glass Jig


I did the same styrofoam jig to do wineglasses. We used a 4 inch lens to maximize the engraving area on the glass

Wine Glass 2


The same jig can be used for non stem glass

Wine Glass 3


I cut slots in the cardboard to hold the base and keep the glass level.

Large Glass


Hmm a nice flex glass 🙂

Flex Glass 2


I had too cut the bottom to shape so that the glass would fit in the jig

Water Bottle Jig


Here is a jig made out of cardboard so that the bottle sits flat

Water Bottle Jig 2


The fit is nice and tight and the bottle is level

Water Bottle Jig 3


Here is another water bottle jig done in cardboard. They fit tight and are level in height

Annual Plaque Plate Jig


This jig made it easier for the customer to place on the plates for an annual

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