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Doing a Print Merge in CorelDraw of 20 Lines Per Plate Using an Excel File Part 2

This is a file that was given to me by one of my customers who needed some help in the print merge. The original file I got had all the lines in one column so I suggested that the customer fix it up so that there were 20 columns of names.

A Merge Field is Inserted


When you insert a merge field the field takes the name of the field that was created originally in Excel. This is why it is always advisable to make sure that you chose a name that is descriptive of the data that is coming in. For example if you where bringing in data that related to a position in a company such as sales use the field identifier name “Company Position”. This way you know what is in the field.


Select Left Justified


Select all the 10 lines of text and make text left justified. Because there are two columns here I am going to make the lines left justified. If I was doing only one column I would probably just leave it at center justified.

Position Your Lines


I have placed a .25 inch margin on the plate using guidelines. Place the 10 lines somewhat like I have them. Now place the top line – Name 01 at the edge of the top guideline (1) and the bottom line – Name 10 at the edge of the bottom guideline (2). Also make sure that each line is touching the left guideline (turn on “snap to guideline”).

Select All Your Text


Select all your text. We are going to left justify the text. After that we will be aligning it and than distribute it

Select Align and Distribute


Select Arrange (1) | Align and Distribute (2) | Align and Distribute (3).

Select Left Justify


Select “Align (1) and than “left (2). Click “Apply (3). This will left justify all the text.

Select Distribute and Center


Select the Distribute Tab (1). Next select Center (2). We are now going to evenly distribute the 10 select lines evenly. I am using the top and the bottom lines as the extent of where this distribution is going to be. Click Apply (3). You changes will take place and the box stays open. Click Close (4)

Here is our Finished Layout


Here is our finished layout. I have 10 names in the first column and 10 names in the second column. I am now ready to do my merge.

Select Merge to New Document


Select Merge to New Document (1) if you are a user of X4 or X5. If you are a user of X3 or less select Print in the print merge toolbar (2) and proceed to the imposition layout in the print menu located later in this tutorial.

CorelDraw Creates a New Document Called PrintMerge1


CorelDraw will than proceed to create a new document called printmerge1 that is comprised of a number of pages. each page has a new set of names on it. In this case each new page has 20 new names on each page. If we only had one merge field than we would only have one new name per page.

We Have Created 286 New Pages


You can see from the number of pages that I have created 268 pages (1). Each page created has 20 names. Thus I have a total of 286 x 20 names which means I have a total of 5720 names.

I have Some Lines That Are To Long


Some of the lines are to long so they need to be condensed. You can select each line individually and condense each one but the problem is you will get lines that will look different from each other.

Select Snap to Guidelines



You Can Condense Two Ways


Some of the lines are to long so they need to be condensed. You can select each line individually and condense each one but the problem is you will get lines that will look different from each other.

All Lines Fall in Between the Margins


If we condense the lines that are going past the guidelines than we end up with lines that look different than the non condensed lines. It is thus better to condense them together

Select The Text in The Column and Condense


Now we need to select all the text in the left column. Next click on the right middle selection handle (1) – green arrow and while holding down the mouse button drag left (red line). With the snap to guidelines on the text will snap to the guideline.

Each Column of Text is Condensed


You can see that now each line in each column is justified the same. The text looks a lot better now.

Select Print


Select File (1) Print (2).

Select Your Laser


Select Your Laser (1)

Select Your Overall Page Size


Select Your Page Size which in this case is 24 by 12.

Select Layout and Than Edit


Select the Layout tab (1). In Versions older the layout table is right beside the General Tab. Than select Edit (2).

Type in 4 by 4


The imposition command allows us to take our 286 pages and group them into bigger pages. Thus we can do more than one plate at a time. In this case my big plate is 24 by 12 which I setup in my print setup for my laser or sublimation printer. Now I am going to put a bunch of 6 by 3’s on a 24 by 12 inch plate. If I divide this number I will get 4 across (4 x 6 = 24) and 4 down (4 x 3 = 12). Thus I can get 16 plates per multiple. You can see from my screen shot I have 16 plates. Note: Make sure that the numbers are exact if you use to many plates they will fit on the big plate but make them smaller.

Preview Job


To preview the job click on the “Document Preview” (1)

Preview the Plates


You can see that I have 16 plats per page. Note: for this example I did not condense all the names on the pages. I will let my dealer do that. Select the check mark (1).

Select Print


Select Print to send the job to your laser or you sublimation printer. Note: Sure is nice I did not have to type in 5700 names. Sure speeds up this job.

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