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Find and Replace

There are a number of times where I recieve files where I have to change the line weight or the colour. THis can be a duating task when there are hundreds or even thousand of seperate items to change. Can you image having to change 500 lines in a file by clicking on each one and holding down the shift key to select all of them. Is a bit daunting.

Here is Our Image


Our image is a job that was originally done in Illustrator and needed cutlines changed to hairline and the black and the red need to be taken to RGB. You can see that trying to select these lines would take a line time

Determine What Colour We are Replacing


Notice the Line I had selected it CYMK (0,0,0,100). I actually have RGB and CYMK in this drawing so I will have to search twice. One to replace the CYMK and One to replace the RGB. This is very important as the search only works on one colour value. The CYMK and the RGB represent two colours in this drawing.

Go To Replace Objects


If we are looking to Open up the find and replace – EDIT (1) Find and Replace (2) Replace Objects (3)

Replace a Colour


Select Replace a Colour (1)

Select Outline


Seeing we are looking at changing an outline property, we need to select Outlines (1). You can do it now or before we click Finish.

Select Find Than More


I am looking to change the colour from CYMK black to RGB black. In this case to make sure the fill I am selecting is CYMK I need to go to “MORE” (1).

Change the Colour


Change the Colour Model to CYMK (or RGB if you are changing RGB coloured lines) (1). Change the colour to CMYK black or C:0, M:0,Y:0, K:100 (2). Click Ok (3). Because I am selecting a CYMK black my find has to be CYMK Black and exactly the same as the colour I am looking for.

Change the Replacement Colour To RGB Black


To make sure I am going to get an RGB red click the “MORE” (1) button

Change the Colour to RGB Red


Make sure the colour model is RGB (1). The Colour is solid red R:255, G:0, B:0 (2). Then click Ok (3)

Change to Outlines


Change to Outlines (1). Click Finish (2)

Click OK


Corel will now go though all the file and find all the outlines with CYMK black lines and change them to RGB Red

Change The Outline Properties


You can see the black line selected is .007 inches in weight (thickness). I need to make this line .001 so the laser will now consider these lines cutlines

Select Replace Outline Pen Properties


This time I am changing a line property not a colour so I need to select “Replace Outline Pen Properties” (1)

Select Our Outline Widths


In the replace wizard I am going to be looking for a line width of 0.007 (1) and I am going to replace it with the outline width of .001 so I can cut those lines.


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