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Getting Rid of the Dreaded White Box

One of the more frustratiing things that can happen when you scan in a logo or import one that is given to you by a customer is to have the background getin the way. This can happen in typcially two ways. One is you try and place the image on a colour background and the white box fills up the rectangle that comprimises the image. Secondly you scan or import a logo and teh background is not a solid white but is a combination of light gray or ligth blue. Either way the background is a real eye sore. In this article we will look at how to get rid on that white box in CorelDraw. The suggestion for this artilce comes from Larry Thompson. If you have a question feel free to ask it.

Here is a Problem Logo


As you can see from the above image if I was going to sublimate this plaque my customer is not going to be very happy with the white background. For this reason it is advantagous for us to get rid of it. Note: this logo is a bmp that was given to me by a customer who needed the white box taken out.

Select Bitmap Colour Mask


Our first step is to go to BITMAPS (1) | BITMAP COLOUR MASK (2).

Our Bitmap Colour Maks Will Dock


Our Bitmap Colour Mask docks to the right side of our workspace. Note: Make sure that the logo is selected.

Select the Colour Selector


Our next step is to select the Colour Selector (1). It is the colour eye dropper.

Select Our White Area


Once we select the colour selector our cursor will change into an eye dropper – the red circle (1). Click on the background (white) with the eyedropper. This will tell the Bitma[ Colour Mask command that this is the colour we want to erase. Note: When you select a colour that colour willl be sutracted from the image that you are working with. Thus in the case of the above logo if I selected blue than all the blue will be taken out of the image. So be careful.

Our Database Now Has White


Now that we clicked on white our first box has the white in it.colour in it. Note: When you move the cursor over the colour it will be dsiplayed in the box. This way you can pick the colour.

Click on the Apply Button


When you click on the Apply button (1) the colour white will disapear from the logo.

Incease the Tolerence


As you can see from the image there is a white haylo around the blue and the other colours. We need to get rid of this. The way we get rid of this is we include more of the so called “off white” that is in the image. The way we do this is to increase the Tolerance value (1). When we sample a colour we only get one value. Depedning on the colour model there could be millons of other colours. What the tolerance does is pick a number of colours that are aorund the colour that you selected. The higher the tolerence the more colours that we have selected. Click on the Apply button (2).

Out Image is Cleaned Up


As you can see I have move the tolerence slider up to 100 (1) and the white fringe has disappeared.

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