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How do I Create a Rounded, Scalloped or Chamfered Cornered Box in CorelDraw X3 or Higher

This article will discuss the technique involved in creating a Filleted, Chamfer or Scallop box that we would use to cut out plates on a laser. The Docker is a lot better in X7 and X8.

First of all we need to select the rectangle tool in CorelDraw


Select your rectangle tool by by clicking on the rectangle tool in the Tool Box (1). Your cursor will turn into a “plus”

Draw your rectangle


To draw the box hold your left mouse down and drag your mouse. Do not worry about the size. If you want a square then hold down the shift key while dragging out

Size the Box


Let us say that we want to create a filleted box that is 1 by 3 in size. To do this first you need to type in 3 inches for the width (1) and 1 inch for the height (2)

Next we need to change our rectangle to 3 by 1 in size


Select the rectangle. We need to size the rectangle to say 3 by 1. To do this we can enter in the size via the property bar. First though we need to make sure that the lock button is unlocked (1). Next we need to enter in 3 for the width (2) and 1 for the height (3).

Here is the Box as a 3 by 1


Our rectangle is now 3 by 1

Create a Simple Rounded Corner


When you create a rectangle it is what is considered as a perfect shape. What that means is that all the nodes work together. Thus, as I move one node all the nodes move together. This makes it easier to round the corners of a rectangle. To do this requires that I activate the Shape Tool (1).

Select A Corner Node


Notice once I have my shape tool activated my cursor turns into a black rectangle as per point 1. When I click on one node all the nodes are selected. You can see that as all the nodes are black. When I get close to the node the mouse activates a plus symbol also. This lets you know you are on top of a node.

Drag a Node to Round the Corners of the Rectangle


As we drag a node you will notice that all the nodes move and the nodes move around the rectangle. You will also notice that there are 8 nodes instead of the 4. These nodes are needed to create the curved or rounded corners.

We Have Created a Rounded Corner


You can see that it is easy for us to round out the corners of a rectangle. However, what about if I want to create a radius corner of say.25 inches. Or How about a scallop or a chamfer? In X3 Corel introduced the Fillet Scallop Docker. This docker allowed us to create a radius or a scallop or chamfer corner on either all 4 sides or just one side. This is a very important command to know.

We Need to Open Up the Fillet Docker


Our Fillet / Scallop/ Chamfer is located in the Dockers section in CorelDraw/ Go to WINDOWS | DOCKERS | FILLET/SCALLOP/CHAMFER

The Docker is Open – Fillet


You can see the Docker open (1). The Fillet is active. Notice how now in my X8 version that a blue line is created to signify what the box will look like (2). In this case a rounded cornered box that has a 0.25 inch radius. The Red box indicates the original (3)

Scallop Design


Here is the Scallop Design

Here is the Chamfer Design


Here is the Chamfer Design

We Can Do Individual Nodes


First, we need to convert our image in this case the rectangle to curves. What this does is to make the rectangle now an object not a perfect shape. Make sure the rectangle is selected

Select the Shape Tool


With the rectangle selected, go to the shape tool

Select a Node


Draw a selection box around the top left corner node

Select the Fillet Command


With the node selected, you will see that I can only affect the one node not all the nodes. Thus, each corner could be a Fillet or a Scallop or a Chamfer

Our Rectangle Has 3 Different Sides


I have applied the 3 different sides to the rectangle. Note remember to always create your rectangle to size as before creating one of these corners. If you resize the corners will also. Thus, your.25 scallop will change in size if you scale up

Keeping the Corners the Same


Sometimes you may want a rounded box where the corners stay at a consistent radius such as .25 no matter how large we scale the rectangle. You can do this when the rectangle is a perfect shape. With the rectangle selected make sure the Relative Corner scaling is not engaged (1)

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