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I cannot Import an AI file into CorelDraw

This is typically more prevalent on early versions of CorelDraw up to X4. However I have seen it happen in X5. If you are having troubles getting AI (Adobe Illustrator) files into CorelDraw than open them up in Adobe Reader and than re save them as a PDF. Then open them up in CorelDraw. This tutorial will show you how to do this. I will assume you have the latest version of Adobe reader on your computer.

Select All Programs


First click on the Microsoft Orb and than click on ALL Programs (1).

Select Adobe Reader


Click on Adobe Reader 9 to start up the program

Go to File Open


Go to File | OPEN (1)

Select All Files


In Adobe Acrobat you can not see an AI file so we need to change our “Files of Type” to “All Files”. This allows us to see all our files.

Select Our AI File


You can now see our AI file that is the Ontario Provincial Police_OPP (1). Click Open (2). Notice with file selected the file is an AI file and the size is 186K (3).

Here is our Logo In CorelDraw


Adobe Acrobat is showing the logo.

Save a Copy


Click FILE(1) | SAVE A COPY (2)

Click Yes


Do not worry about the warning just click OK

Delete the .AI


Notice that it wants to save the file as an AI file. Delete the .ai extension(1). It will now be saved as a PDF extension (2)

The AI is Deleted


Now I can save the file as the .ai is deleted

Open the File In CorelDraw


If I open the file in CorelDraw you will notice that I have an .ai (1) file and a .pdf (2) file

Select Curves


When you open or import an EPS or PDF or AI CorelDraw will ask you if you should “Import your text as curves or text. I usually use Curves unless I need to edit the text the the text information has been saved with the file (1).

Our File in CorelDraw


Our FIle can now be opened in CorelDraw

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