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Importing in a Zip file to Coreldraw

One of the problems that we have with computers is that a lot of the files that we work with are large in size. in earlier times when download speeds where more of an issue it was advantageous to compress a file into a zip fie to make it smaller. Now a days this is not as much of a factor as download speeds are a lot faster. A lot of files that are sent now are compressed already so they can not be made any smaller. Files such as CorelDraw files (see the end of this article for an example), PDF, JPEG and most TIF can not be made any smaller. But still some people send them this way so I have taken some time to explain this. Note: this example is in XP. Vista and Win 7 work the same way.

Open Windows Explorer


Right click on the “Start” button (1) located in the bottom left hand corner.

Select the File to Extract


Select the file that you want to extract in Windows Explorer (1). Right Click on it (2) and select Extract All (2).

Select Next


Select Next to continue (1).

Select the Location for the Extraction


Most of the time you will want to extract the files in the same location as the existing zip file (1). If not than select the Browse button and select the location where you want the files to be located. MAKE SURE THAT YOU LOOK WHERE THE FILES ARE GOING. To many times in the past I have not and i have to go back and extract the files again to find out where they are. Select Next (3).

Extract the File


Click on the Finish Button to start the extraction (1)

Select a New Job


Click on the New Page icon to create a new job (1).

Select Import


Go to FILE (1) | IMPORT (2).

Click on the Job Name


In the explorer window click on the job name (1).

Click Import


Click “Import” to bring the logo in

The Job is Imported In


To finish the importing in just press the “Enter” key, or draw a box with your mouse or click on the page with your mouse

Zip Files are the Same


It is important to note that CorelDraw compresses the files it saves. As you can see from the above example the non compressed file is 4,873 KB (1). The zipped file is exactly the same size 4,837 KB (2). For this reason I do not zip cdr files unless I am sending more than one file or I am afraid someones email filter is going to stop the file from coming in.

Turn off Compression in X5


You can turn compression off if you go to the Options Setup and go to save. If you want this to be permanent make sure you save the Document as a default.


Jim says:
Jun 22nd at 11:29 am  (Edit)
Actually, modern CorelDraw files (X4 & X5) are disguised zip files. Change the extension of a file created with X4 or X5 from .cdr to .zip and you’ll view a data set along with the content… color profiles, metadata xml files thumbnail images etc. are all contained within. Just thought you would find this interesting.
Same is true of modern Office files (docx, pptx, xlsx etc.) If you want to get a graphic out of a .docx Word file in it’s original quality, change the extension to .zip and go to the content within.

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