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LMM-6018 Black Laser Marking Tape

LMM-6018 is a laser marking tape designed for use on stainless steel, glass, ceramic, ceramic like and porcelain substrates. LMM-6018 can be applied to a substrate, laser marked to bond a portion of the tape to the substrate and then peeled away to leave the mark. LMM-6018 is designed for use in applications where spraying and removing our other laser marking materials is not possible or feasible. Rolls are available in 1”, 2”, 3” and 4” widths. They are 50 feet in length per roll, wound on a standard 3” core. Samples are available in 2” by 6” sheets.

Laser Tape


If you do not want to worry about over spray and are working in a small area than laser tape may be for you. It typically requires a little more power than the spray but the labour saving can quickly offset that.

2.0 Product Characteristics


Here are the products properites, application and removal

2.0 Product Characteristics


Lasers that work with the tape and recommmended settings

Additional Application Notes

For optimum mark quality, good adhesion and contact between the tape and the substrate is necessary. The tape must stick well to the substrate. If gaps or air bubbles are trapped between the tape and the substrate, poor mark quality will result. Use moderate pressure to insure good contact. Use of a squeegee will help insure good contact. Rough or uneven substrates such as porous non-glazed ceramics or bricks will also produce marks of lower resolution due to the roughness of the material

2.7 Marking Notes

Some burning of the paper backing will occur during marking and is normal. We recommend that the marking be done in a well ventilated area. When making large marks or a large quantity of marks, we recommend a ventilation system to exhaust the smoke created from the paper burning to the outside. Marking may require some trial and error to optimize your laser with a particular substrate. Keep in mind that all lasers react differently depending on the substrate. Best results are obtained when marking at lower powers and slower speeds. High powers tend to damage glass substrates and should be avoided whenever possible. Experimentation should be done to find settings that produce an acceptable mark without glass damage.

3.0 Product Preparation

No preparation is necessary, use LMM-6018 tape as supplied.

Storage Recommendations

Product must be stored in cool and dry conditions. Storage temperatures should be between 40ºF (5ºC) and 95ºF (35ºC). If stored as recommended, a minimum shelf life of six months after the production date is guaranteed.

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