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Printing Out CorelDraw’s Hot Keys

The shortcut file is located here. Click on this link
Printing out CorelDraw’s hot key sheet
As most people get better with CorelDraw they tend to start to use hot keys more instead of navigating to the pull down menus. What is a hot key you ask? Well, it is a specific keyboard key or set of keys that control a certain function in CorelDraw. For example, if you want to activate the zoom tool all you need to do is press the z tool (when you are not using the text tool) to activate it. Typically, most people will slide over to the toolbox with their mouse and click on the zoom tool. Moving the mouse is not only time consuming, but also hard on the elbow.
There are a couple of ways that you can find a hot key in CorelDraw. The most common is to access the hot key sheet that was provided with your version of CorelDraw. If you cannot find the hot key sheet than you can find out the hot keys a couple of other ways.

Select a Hot Key


Figure 1 shows you that if you access the pull down menu the hot keys are listed beside the commands that allow hot keys. For example, if you want to convert an image to curves than instead of going through the menu, you can just press the Ctrl key and the Q key at the same time. Note: when you are pressing the keys hold the Ctrl key first than the other key.

Another Way of a Hot Key


Another way to find out what hot key is available is to hold your mouse over a command icon. Figure 2 shows my mouse over the text tool and the hot key is in brackets in the balloon tip that is displayed. The hot key is F8.

How to Access the Short Key Tab


The problem with using this approach is that not only is it time consuming, but you will never find all the hot keys. To help those that have lost their hot key sheet Corel provided the hot key list in a text formatted file that you can print or save to a file. To access this option all you need to do is go to TOOLS | CUSTOMIZATION | COMMANDS and select the short keys tab (red box) and click on the view all button – see figure 3.

Here is the Short Cut Key Sheet


Figure 4 shows you the window that comes up. You have a couple of options here if you do choose not to read the hot keys in this window. You can either print out the whole list of hot keys (green box) or you can save the file as a CSV file format (red box) which allows you to open it in a program such as Excel.

Open the CSV file in Excel


Figure 5 shows the CSV file that has been opened in the Excel.

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