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Recreating a Logo Using the Envelope Command

This was a request from a customer on how to recreate the text so that it flows in curve along the top of the text but is still straight at the bottom. We do this using the Envelope command in CorelDraw. The Envelope command is a very powerful tool that is one of those tools that you tend not to know about. It can create a lot of effects

Here is Our Logo


Here is the Logo that we need to reproduce

Select The Text Tool


Select the Text Tool from the ToolBox (1)

Click on the Desktop


Your mouse will turn into a “Plus” symbol with an “A”. You will get a flashing cursor.

Select Your Font


Before you start typing let us select the font. I believe this font is Times Roman (1) and is a Normal setting (2)

Type Out Your Text


I have typed out the text that needs to be manipulated

Select The WireFrame View


Turn on WireFrame mode. Go to VIEW(1) | SIMPLE WIREFRAME (2)

Our Image is a Light Gray and the Text is an Outline


You can see that the logo is a light gray. We are going to superimpose the typed text on top of the original logo. We can see both easier if the WireFrame is selected.

Drag Out Guidelines


I have dragged out a number of guidelines so that I can drag up my text to match the text. Notice the “S” is below the Guideline (1)

Drag Our Origin


Click twice on the guideline so that you see rotation arrows. To move only one side of the guideline requires us to move the origin – circle (1). Hold the left mouse button down and drag to origin to the left (2)

The Origin is Moved


The origin has moved over.

The Guideline Is Rotated


I have rotated the guideline so that it is at the top of the “S” (1). With the origin at the “M” when you drag the line down only the right side moves.

Lock the Original Logo


To make sure that the logo does not get accidentally selected right click on it and select the “Lock Object” (1)

Locate Your Text and Resize to the Guidelines


Move your text so that it fits in the and between the guidelines. Notice how all the letters line up. In some situations you may need to move a letter to get it to line up. Luckily, this was a pretty basic logo job.

Drag Your Text Up


We need to resize our text by clicking on the middle top handle (1) and dragging up. Drag the artwork up so that the “M” is in line with the guideline.

Select The Envelope Command


Go to ARRANGE (1) | ENVELOPE (2)

Select Add New


Select Add New (1) from the Envelope Docker.

Your Cursor Changes to A Rectangle with Nodes


Our cursor will change into a cursor with a rectangle and nodes (1).

Click on the Top Middle Node


If you zoom in on the envelope rectangle you will notice a center node. Click on it and drag down (1)

Here is The Envelope is Started


Drag down the Node till it touches the lowest spot which is the top of the “P” and the “T” (1)

Drag The Node Handle


Drag the node handle (the blue arrow) (1) down till it lines up with the letters

Drag The Other Handle


Drag the other node Handle as we did in the previous step (1)

Drag Down the Node


All we need to do is to drag the node down so that the “S” lines up

Select the Pick Tool


Select the Pick tool to finish the envelope

Here is Our Finished Logo


The text is now mimicking the original text. If you select the text again, you can continue to modify it to fine tune it.

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