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Recreating an AutoCad File – Using the Smart Fill

This was a file that was sent to me by a customer that had issues with an AutoCAd file imported into Corel where it would triple cut and jump all around without completing to cut one whole object. It would just cut the individual segments. In the old days we would have had to delete all the overlapping segments and join all the broken segments into one overall object. To do this requires us to use the Smart Fill tool in CorelDraw. This tool is excellent for creating a closed object where there is not closed objects. Although we do not have to get rid of our extra layers I will do it more as a house keeping excursus.

Open Up Your Object Manager


First open up your Object Manager by going to TOOLS (1) | OBJECT MANAGER (2)

Delete Unnecessary Layers


This imported DXF has 3 layers two of them need to be deleted. The blue arrows indicate the two layers that have to be deleted (1).

Delete Each Layer


To delete a layer right click on that layer and select the Delete (1) command.

Too Many Segments


Although we do not have to worry about the number of segments that on top of each other it is good to show you that it would take me a lot of extra time to delete the extra segments that are on top of each other.

Select the Smart Fill Tool


Select the Smart Fill tool which is located in the ToolBox.

Set Your Smart Fill Attributes


With the smart fill tool selected, we can specify the smart fill attributes. I have set the fill to red (1) the Outline to hairline (2) and the colour of the hairline to black (3). I do not have to set the fill to red, but I do so you can see what I am doing.

Click Inside the Small Rectangle


Your Cursor will change into a “+” symbol (1).

We Create A Rectangle


When you click inside the original rectangle you create another rectangle that is exactly the same size as the original. If you look in the Object Manager you will see that I have created a new object.

See the Status Bar


The Status Bar indicates that the new rectangle has a red fill and a black outline (1)

Create the 5 Shapes


Continue clicking in each of the 5 objects in the drawing. I have changed each objects colour so you can see the 5. If you look in the Object Manager (1) you will see that I have created 5 objects (1).

Select All the Old Objects


To Select all the old objects in the Object Manager, click on the first Green Object in the Layer in the Object Manager (1) Hold down the Shift key and click on the last object (2) this will select all the objects in between. Press the delete key to get rid of them.

We Have Our 5 Objects


If we look in the Object Manager you see we have 5 objects and I have re coloured them blue. The only thing I have to do now is to reorder the objects if I want the machine to cut in a certain order.

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