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Selling Award Programs-Recognition Programs

This was an article I did years ago that I used to give when I was training Ad Speciality sales reps on how to sell and where to see awards and recognition programs.
Question: Why sell Recognition Programs? – Recognition Programs



Answer : To diversify and expand your existing customer base which will lead to greater sales and higher earning potential It is estimated that the recognition award business in Canada is in excess of 400 million dollars.
Selling Recognition Award Programs


What is recognition? It is defined in the dictionary as “acknowledgement”. Simply stated recognition programs are designed to acknowledge the accomplishments of people. The way to recognize people varies greatly. Money is one way, however once the money is spent their is no tangible asset to remind the person of their accomplishment. Successful recognition programs employ the use of tangible products that can be displayed or worn to remind the individual of their accomplishment. By reminding the employees of their past accomplishments you are continually motivating individuals to repeat and surpass their previous goals.
If each employee can be motivated to surpass their previous goals than the company as a whole will grow. In their book In Search of Excellence Peters and Waterman found that their Excellent companies were the companies that took the time to recognize the people who contribute to making the company successful. It is one thing to spend millions of dollars on product development so that you have the best product available, but if you cannot motivate your employees to sell the product, take the time to manufacture the product with the best quality are to sell the company’s products and look after customers with the up most care and respect, than your company will not survive. Award programs have grown out of the need to motivate people to become higher achievers. Award incentives motivates and helps encourage people to increase their success rate. Whether people are volunteers, members of an organization or paid company employees, many people need extra motivation to become high achievers. Award Programs are motivational tools that help people achieve a goal, a plan to achieve that goal and a system of awards and rewards to motivate people to achieve that goal. Recognition is essential in nurturing team spirit.
Selling award programs means helping your customer fulfil their need to motivate their employees. Awards are part of an overall program, but are not the main focus – finding a need and fulfilling that need is the objective. Awards recognize the goal(s) that an individual or team has achieved. Thus the good sales rep will be able to provide a program that will allow his customer’s associates or employees to achieve their goal. Selling award programs means defining a need and offering solutions (this is true for all types of sales). There are four simple steps that a sales rep can take in developing award programs
1.       Get the customer to define their need increase sales by 30 %)
2.       Get customer to establish a realistic goal to satisfy that need (i.e. to motivate sales people with monthly incentives and a major award at the end of the year
3.     Create a plan to achieve the goal of increasing individual sales by 30 % (i.e.
4.     Select the appropriate award product so that the individual will be motivated
Needs Analysis
There are two main steps in a Need Analysis: asking questions and listening. The sales reps must go and see if your customer needs your product. You find out if there is a need by asking the customer question. By listening to the answers you can find out if there are areas where the customer would like to see improvements. Thus you are trying to create a need for your product. If you can create a need, you are 80 % closer to closing the sale. If the need is created than all you now have to do is find the appropriate award products for the program.
The most important factor to consider when you are talking to a potential customer is that you are not just offering a product but more importantly you are offering a service. What is service?:

  1. Service is making an appointment and going to see that customer
  2. Service is consultation. i.e. you are talking time out of your day to meet with your customer while you try and help him solve a problem. Remember you are the expert on award programs.
  3. Service is offering the product to your customer on time and with good quality.

If your customer is aware of these factors, they will be less likely to worry about price and be more comfortable with the end results of the program that you have helped implement.
Different types of Award Programs

The recognition market is comprised of a number of different types of award programs. Some of the more common of these programs include:

  • Years of Service Programs
  • Sales Award Programs
  • Safety and No Lost Time Programs
  • Dealer Award Programs
  • Supplier Award programs
  • Volunteer Award Programs
  • Donor (i.e. Hospitals) Recognition Programs
  • Sport Recognition Programs
  • Award Programs Offered by Cities and Towns (Citizen of the Year)

Now that a number of awards programs have been identified the next question is “what is the best product to use in the award program”? The best answer is “it depends”. It depends on the customer, the potential winner(i.e. is it a male or female or office staff plant staff),the budget, etc. The best part of an award program is that each program is different. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. Thus, it is very important that you gather information on the type and size of the company or organization and the mix of people that are in the organization. Also find out how big the budget is and whether they want to spend it all in one year or amortize it over a number of years.
The best presentation is an organized presentation. When you go into see you customer you should be prepared to show samples and also more importantly sample award programs(try to show sample programs used by a customer from a related industry who had the same goals as your potential customer). For example, if the customer is interested in motivating his sales force, you should have a sample program of an award program that was set up by another company to award “sales achievers” (preferably a testimonial letter).
Who should you sell to”? The list is endless and so is the earning potential. Every company, town, association and individual is a potential customer. Whether they are big or small there is potential for them to utilize an award program in their operation.
The success of award programs has been proven time and time again. The market is
everywhere. Remember the best part about award programs is that they are ongoing.
Once you set up an award program (especially service programs) the program will continue for years. It is not uncommon for companies to allot thousands of dollars to run Award Programs for a series of years. Once each program is set up all you do is fulfill the product
requirements every year. This is definitely better than trying to come up with new ideas for your customers each year.
Keep one thing in mind, your customers are not interested in simply buying awards and other materials. They are interested in purchasing a solution to a problem or even better ‘‘satisfy a need
The Recognition and Awards Sales Cycle
(Prospecting for Customers)


Regularly when talking about selling recognition programs I’m asked two questions, who buys award products? Secondly how do you sell award products? The first question is easy -sell to anyone. The second question depends on the likes and dislikes of that “anyone”. Thus, everyone is a potential customer, while the tastes of that person will determine the product you sell.
I like to group these two questions into what I call the “Recognition and Awards Sales Cycle”. What is the Recognition and Awards Sales Cycle – It’s the process (life) of finding and developing a potential recognition program with a customer. As the word cycle implies it is a sales process where you go out and find potential customers and develop recognition programs for that customer. As a sales rep you can have a number of these cycles going at the same time, all moving at different speeds.
I have broken the Recognition and Award Sales Cycle into two sections. The first section deals with finding potential customers or what we call Prospecting. The second section is how you help these potential customers develop awards programs.
Who do you sell to? As I mentioned in the first paragraph – anyone. However this is vague and not very helpful. Thus, what I will do is help you break down this category of “anyone” into a more manageable or optimum list. You will have varying degrees of success depending on the customer. You can breakdown potential customers into categories based on expected success in selling them an awards program. The following list provides six areas where you the sales rep can prospect for potential customers. Who Too Sell To (Prospecting)

  • Existing Customers
  • Vertical Markets
  • Referrals
  • Shows
  • Mailings
  • Cold Calls

I will concentrate on my Existing Customers first before I approach anyone else. Next important to me are vertical markets and referrals. Once I have used up all these leads I then move on to the 4the section and the fifth and then the sixth.
Before I go on to how to sell award programs I should clarify what each of these six steps mean

1) Existing Customers – The best potential customer for a new product is an existing customer. Someone who trusts your service and products (you already have established creditability). These people are the best because even if they aren’t involved in the decision on implementing award programs they will usually give you a referral of the person who looks after this area. There is usually no better introduction to a potential customer when you can tell them that Mr. Smith (who you have done a number orders for) knows they will be interested in talking to you.
2)  Referrals – As mentioned above referrals are always powerful ways to get in to see a potential customer. Always ask for referrals.
3)  Vertical Markets – This is a very good way to increase your odds in finding good potential customers. A vertical market is any market where each industry carries on the same basic task i.e. all specialty advertising firms, or all trophy shops. For example if Purolator Courier has a successful save driving awards program you should go to all courier companies and try to motivate them too invest in a similar awards program. All companies like to stay up with the success of their competition and it gives you creditability with that potential customer. Another type of vertical market is targeting certain individuals in an organization. i.e. service awards are usually looked after by the human resource department, sales awards by the sales department
4)  Shows – Occasionally you can an exhibit at a show to illustrate your product to potential customers. This is an excellent opportunity as it gives you access to motivated clients
5)  Cold Calls – Don’t drive by that company stop in and see if you can see someone. If all else fails you can get some names
6) Mailings – target mail to too vertical markets i.e. all human resource heads in companies
There are a number of places to get lists of companies i.e. newspapers(want ads), telephone books, mailing lists or Industrial Directories (when I go to a new city the first thing I do is buy one of these directories)
Now that you have targeted a certain number of potential customers the next step is to decide on how you are going to motivate these customers to set up an awards program. You need to be organized with both samples and various types of award programs so that you can
go into a potential customer and present a professional presentation. The best way to do this is to read articles on award programs or ask people in your industry, or your suppliers, and more importantly ask your existing customers(these people already have a relationship with you) if they have an awards program. If they do have an awards program, ask them how these programs are run.
Once you have a list of potential customers and have organized a number of sample award programs it is time to set up appointments (remember these types of customers don’t come and see you, you have to see them).
The next step in the cycle is to try and motivate your customer to invest in an awards program. The best way to do this is set up a meeting with your potential customer
The Presentation

The first step that you take is to present your business card to the client and ask for theirs. Secondly, introduce your company and what you do. Thirdly, ask him/her what their company does? This can help you determine where you should concentrate your discussion (the more your customer talks the better the sales call usually goes). The next step is to ask him if their company has an awards program (if the person is with the human resource department then you may ask if they have a service program or a safety program or retirement awards or production awards etc. If they are in the sales department then how do they recognize and motivate their sales reps or recognize their customers or distributors). Don’t go in and simply do a show and tell – i.e. take out your samples and say we do pins plaques specialty products etc. Ask questions! Once you have isolated a particular need try to over solutions then use your samples. It is very powerful if you can offer real life needs from other customers and how your programs helped solve their problems. The best way to do this is with case studies or testimonials.
If the customer is motivated to solve their problem then they will usually have you go back and put together a proposal and possibly prepare samples. Make sure you get an idea of what they want, what the budget is and how many people will be recognized. Before you leave try to set up a future appointment to come back. It is also good if you can get referrals.
At your next meeting you will present your proposal and samples. If your customer likes your proposal and product and has the money ask for the order.
Once the order has been delivered and the customer is happy the Sales cycle is complete. It is easy to see that you could have a number of these sales cycles going at one time.
In conclusion Recognition and Award programs can be a lot of work, however their earning potential can be high. Recognition and Award programs are only one way monetary gains can be made from a company. Selling advertising specialties, sign engraving, and business supplies (stamps, seals) can also help you reap large rewards with companies, and organizations. Many corporate supply dealers are expanding into the awards market as they realize that they must diversify their product base if they want to grow.
Discussion on Selling Recognition Award Programs


Topics:  Different Types of Award Programs
Markets and Perspective Customers and What They Buy





Safety Programs

Why should a company invest in the implementation of a Safety Program:
a) To promote safety (lost time)- making workers constantly aware of safety to decrease injuries. A decrease “in on the job” injuries means a decrease in insurance and workman’s compensation rates – these savings can be substantial. Improving safety will also increase employee moral. Employees will see that the company is concerned about their well being and is willing to reward the company with a more positive outlook in their job duties.
b) To promote safe driving – These programs promote safe driving, a decrease in accidents can save the company thousands of dollars in insurance premiums. Any company with a fleet of drivers is a potential customer.(i.e. truck driving company’s, taxi’s, courier companies etc.)
Some companies will reward safety periodically throughout the year giving out small products monthly with a big product at the end of the year. This keeps employees constantly thinking safety. Other companies will recognize safety only once at the end of the year.
Some products used in Safety Programs:

  • Key fobs pewter, plastic
  • Plaques
  • Clocks
  • Pins (Jewelry and base metal). Many companies give out a pin which shows the number of years of safe driving
  • Belt Buckles
  • Coaster sets
  • Plastic promotional products used throughout the year to promote the actual overall program
  • Mugs
  • Clothing



As workers duties become more specialized it becomes more expensive if that person is not at work. Thus, a number of companies offer incentives to have the employee show up for work. Decreasing absenteeism can save a company a lot of money. Many companies will run programs over the full year recognizing employees at the end of the year.
Some Products used include:

  • Pins
  • Key fobs
  • Mugs
  • Gift Items

Dealer Award Programs

A lot of companies with a dealer network give out plaques to their dealers to indicate that they are an authorized distributor of their product. This plaque is hung in view so that customers can see the plaque. A number of programs will give out a plaque and each succeeding year they will add a nameplate on the bottom of the plaque.
Also a number of companies will offer dealer sales award programs. Thus they treat the dealer the same way that many companies treat an internal sales force. These companies will run recognition programs with their dealers rewarding sales increases just like many other companies with an internal sales force.
Some companies will over fulfillment programs where the dealer can order product to use in giveaways and self promotion.
Some Product that are used:

  • Plaques
  • Clocks
  • Functional items
  • Pins (show of association)
  • Jewelry (pins and rings)
  • Key fobs
  • Gift items

Supplier Award Programs


Over the past number of years companies have become increasingly concerned with the quality of product coming from their suppliers. This is especially important now that companies are streamlining their inventories. Streamlined inventories means that if the product is received defective this could cost the company lost production time. Companies such as General Motors and Ford have implemented strict product quality requirements with their suppliers. To reward those companies that achieve these requirements General Motors and Ford are recognizing these companies with “Quality Awards”.
A number of the recipient companies will in turn do something special for their employees. You can then try to sell to these companies as well.
Some products used include:

  • Plaques
  • Functional Items (wood and glass items)
  • Clocks and Barometers

Years of Service Programs


As it becomes harder for companies to motivate employees with straight monetary incentives a number of companies have found that recognizing employees for years of service is a positive way of raising employee moral. Years of service programs have been very successful because they instill in the employee the feeling of longevity. Each employee can see that the longer they stay at the company the more they are rewarded. Years of service programs also instill in the employee that the company is committed to being in business for a long time. This gives the employee a secure feeling that their job will be available for a long time.
Most service programs will use a variety of products every year. Unlike many other programs once a Years of Service program has been set up it will continue as long as the company is in business. Thus, once you have set up the program it becomes like an annuity. In the preceding years all you, the supplier, have to do is make sure their product is there on time and has good quality.
Nearly all service programs recognize employees every 5 years starting at the 5 year level. Some companies will recognize first year employees as initiation into the company. Most programs will recognize employees at 5years, 10 years 15 years… and so on. At each level the gift will increase in value reflecting the increased value of the employee to that company. Thus when helping your customer set up a program it is important to set dollar values (price points) at each level so that appropriate product can be offered.
The question I get asked most by distributors is “what should I include in a typical company awards program presentation”. Most programs offer at least jewelry lapel pin at each year level. Depending on the program and the budget a second item may be offered, however a jewelry pin is usually always offered.
Why is a jewelry pin offered? Easy – Gold has a high intrinsic value is inexpensive and most importantly because it is custom and a person cannot go into a store and price out the item. Also lapel pins are unisex and can also have stones mounted to them which increases their value. They are easy to wear and inconspicuously tell their peers they are happy with their achievement.
Also some companies will recognize people that retire with products that will also reflect the length that they have been with the company, i.e. if you have been there for over 10 years all people that retire receive a clock.
Although setting up service programs can require a lot of work the rewards are usually very high in that most programs will repeat year after year.
Some Products used in Service Programs include:

  • Jewelry Lapel Pins and Rings
  • Pins
  • Gift Items (pin mounted items)
  • Functional Wood Products
  • Plaques
  • Clocks and Barometers
  • Watches

* at the end of this outline is a sample service program
Volunteer Award Programs


One of the real growth industries in our society today is the emergence of the volunteer organization. As governments are forced to cut funding to programs, organizations are constantly having to turn more and more to volunteers to help run and promote their operations. As more
and more organizations turn to relying on volunteers the demand for these people is increased. Thus, a number of organizations and associations have had to spend more time motivating and recognizing these volunteers to keep them in their organization. A number of associations now have periodic volunteer award presentations where each volunteer is given a small award for their work. Even though most of the items presented are low in price the “thought” goes along way with volunteers and gives them the feeling that the organization cares about them.
Some Product used includes:

  • Key Fobs
  • Pins
  • Gift Items that pins can be mounted on
  • Clocks
  • Plaques
  • Functional Items

Donor Recognition Programs


As mentioned previous with the decrease of funding to non-profit organizations by governments, many of these organizations have had to turn increasingly to the private sector to help in supplying money needed to run the daily operations of the organization. However, because the demand is high many of these organizations are chasing after the same people for monetary donations. Thus, many associations and organizations have had to start offering award and recognition programs to try and entice many of these private people to continue to support their associations. Many associations use a graduated system of awards in their program. For example as the dollar value of the donation goes up so does the dollar value of the award. The idea is that the donor receives something of value for their donation. Something hopefully that they will use and remind them constantly of the cause that they have contributed to.
Although there are a wide range of products used in these programs many organizations still give out plaques to their donors. Because many of these donors are corporations or professionals plaques are popular because they can be hung in the foyers or offices so that individuals can see that these people are putting something back into the community.
Some products used include:

  • Plaques
  • Functional items
  • Pins
  • Gift items
  • Key fobs
  • Plastic promotional items for campaigns

Sport Recognition Programs


This program can be classified under the volunteer program. As in the volunteer programs sport organizations rely on volunteers. The volunteers should be recognized so those individuals will be motivated to return next year. More and more associations are staffing to recognize individuals depending on how long they have been associated with that association.
Award Programs – Cities and Towns


Most towns and cities today have a number of award programs going on. One of these programs is citizen of the year where people who have made contributions to the community are recognized, usually at a small dinner or banquet. People such as volunteers, celebrities and companies are recognized for contributing to the life of the community or by bringing honour to a town or city.
Cities and towns will also have award programs through their recreation departments where they are giving out sports awards in their sponsored programs.
The economic development department regularly recognizes industry and individuals in the community when a certain milestone or breakthrough has been accomplished.
Some products used include:

  • Plaques
  • Functional Products
  • Gift Items
  • Medallions
  • Pins

Award Programs – Companies


Always essential to any successful company in today’s market is a number of successful award programs. These programs have been setup to motivate employees to take pride and go the extra mile when it comes to putting out an effort for the company.
Sales Programs:
Many companies today have set up award programs for their sales force. Whether it relates to an increase in sales volume, a quota increase or an increase in the number of new customers, companies have found that their sales success relates directly to motivating their sales force. Although many companies give out financial incentives to those individuals who meet or exceed their goals it is still important to provide them with a tangible product that reminds the person of their accomplishments – once the money has been spent there usually is no reminder of the accomplishment.
A number of products that are used to recognize sales people. The two most common are plaques and jewelry. Plaques can be hung on the reps office wall, while jewelry can be proudly worn by the sales rep. Each of these two products constantly remind the individual of their past accomplishments and continually motivates them to achieve their goals. In the case of jewelry, every time the individual achieves their goal a diamond can be placed in the ring or pin and thus their major goal is not achieved until the ring or pin is filled.
Other Company Award Programs:
Employee Suggestions
Lead generation (sales lead that develop into sales)
Quality improvements
Employee 110% program (points are accumulated when employees go the extra step to
better the company)
Products that are used include:

  • Plaques
  • Functional Items
  • Gift Items
  • Pins
  • Jewelry


In this section I have tried to give you an overview of the major award programs that are prevalent to in today’s market. I’m sure there are more, however these are the ones that we are familiar with. Although each program is different each one is trying to accomplish the same thing and that is to motivate an individual to increase their potential within that organization. This is especially important in today’s competitive world where companies and organizations are asking more and more from their employees. As many publications put it you must function within the 80 / 20 rule. That is it doesn’t matter what you do 20 % of the people will never be motivated to do more than what they are doing now – However its the other 80 % of the people who can be motivated to do more than what they are doing now that can make a sizable difference. Properly implemented awards programs can assist in this motivation.
Success in the nineties will be with people that care about what they are doing. Employees who are proud to wear the company’s corporate logo are prepared to work hard to maintain a high degree of product quality, and customer service. This will make the company that much stronger.
Specific Markets For Logo Works Products



Cities and Towns

Mayor or Clerk

  • They make the decisions on gifts to give out to people and groups especially visiting dignitaries. They may also be involved in setting up other programs outlined below.
  • Products include pins, spoons, functional awards for gifts to visiting dignitaries, plaques for companies.
  • The Mayor also may be involved in setting up citizen of the year award programs. consider our Canadian Achievement Program

Economic Development

  • a lot of municipalities have a corporate logo i.e. Ontario “Yours to Discover” .To promote this logo they will do plastic and metal pins to give to visitors, local people travelling outside the community, or to give away at trade shows. Plastic pins are popular as they are inexpensive. They also give away other promotional products such as rulers, key fobs, glasses, and spoons. A number of these departments will also use plaques to recognize new companies in the community and companies who achieve milestones.

Parks and Recreation

  • They do pins, medal, ribbons plaques and trophies for special events and programs that they run.

Human Resources

  • Service awards are done through this department. Product such as plaques, Jewelry, functional products are used.
  • also done is safety awards, attendance awards, no lost time, safe driving. Products given include key fobs, belt buckles, mugs, plaques coasters clocks, and pins.

Other Departments
Each individual department very often has their own award and promotion programs.
Boards of Education


Co-op Department

  • Plaques for the employers who hire the co-op students. They will also use promotion products such as key fobs, pins, rulers, mugs are given both active employers and prospective employers.

Community Relations

  • This department promotes the board. Plastic and metal pins areused by staff to wear and students when they are on trips. Metal pins re also given to all staff to where. Many boards have their own corporate logo.
  • use plaques and medallions for special awards for students and staff
  • use a number of promotional products to promote the board.

Human Resources

  • Do years of service programs, jewelry, pins plaques or clocks for retirees

Special Conferences

  • Most boards hold conferences. They will usually have product such as pins, key fobs, pens to use as promotional give always.

Subject Advisors

  • ·i.e. Science or Geography. Give out special awards such as pins and plaques for top students. Also run programs such as Science Fairs.



  • Makes decisions on promotional products, anniversary products, gifts for visitors, Gifts for teachers (i.e. Christmas gifts) special awards, fund raising products and academic awards

Some Products used:

  • Pins for teachers and kids (every Graduate)
  • Key fobs for visitors or parent helpers
  • fridge magnets with the school phone number for parents
  • name badges for each parent helper or when the children go on trips
  • glasses, plastic pins, rulers as giveaways to kids
  • plaques, medallions for special awards


  • Plaques for awards
  • metal pins for athletes plastic pins for intramural
  • medallions for tournaments
  • rings for special winning teams

Academic Awards

  • Functional awards and plaques for top students
  • Jewelry pins for honour students

Tuck Shop/Student Council

  • sell pins, key fobs, rings glassware

Athletic Awards

  • plaques, and trophies, medallions and jewelry, plastic and metal pins.



VP. or Sales Mgr.

Sales Awards

  • Top producer, quota, largest increase etc
  • Give out Plaques, functional awards, clocks, Jewelry pins and rings
  • diamonds for each succeeding year.


  • Pins (plastic and metal), Key fobs (plastic and metal), license plate holders, fridge magnets, name badges, gift items, rulers.


  • Plaques for their distributors
  • sales awards as per above

Human Resources

  • service awards – jewelry, plaques, functional products
  • safety awards – key fobs, coasters, mugs, pins
  • employee suggestions – key fobs, pins, jewelry, plaques
  • safe driving – pins, plaques, belt buckles, clocks


  • supplier appreciation awards. Usually plaques
  • special awards to top employees
  • jewelry for special occasions

Universities and Colleges

Dean     – Special awards or promotions for academic achievement. Give out plaques jewelry, pins and medallions.
Athletics – Plaques for Varsity and intramural awards
–                 Plastic and metal pins of their mascot for team trading and giveaways to
high school kids
–                 Medallions for high school, intramural and varsity tournaments
–                 Corporate jewelry (rings) for Champions
–                 Name badges for athletes and student helpers
Bookstore – Plastic and metal pins for sale and giveaway
–                 Crested functional products and plaques for sale
–                 plastic giveaway for new students
Student Gov’t – Plaques to recognize special achievement and to recognize people who do
work for the government
–                 Pins, key fobs, rulers, magnets, license plate holders for giveaway
–                 glassware for student bar
–                 special giveaway product for new student orientation
Academic Advisor – jewelry pins, medals and plaques for top students
Community relations – Pins, key fobs, rulers, magnets for giveaway
– Plaques for people donate to school
Human Resources – Service programs
– Safety programs
– Retirement awards
Specific Faculties and Houses
–           Will do their own awards i.e. Engineering
–           will also hold pubs and special events
Alumni                          – Pins both metal and plastic for alumni
– Crested product to sell to alumni
– Promotional Product
– Giveaways for fund raising
– awards for volunteers of capital programs
Director                   – Do pins both metal and plastic for trading
– Plaques for awards
– awards for volunteer and donors
Police and Fire Departments

Community Relations/Chief
–                 Pins, rulers, magnets plastic giveaways during fire week
–                 pins for fire department personnel
–                 cap and coat badges
–                 belt buckles
–                 plaques and functional products with cast crest for crime stopper
programs, volunteers, retirees.
Chamber of Commerce


Director – Giveaway pins(plastic and metal) or sell them
–                 giveaway plastic product
–                 sell souvenirs
–                 Give out plaques to top business or individuals (i.e. century homes)
Hydro (each municipality and city)


Community Relations – will do promotional giveaways
–           sponsor school events and product giveaways
Human Resources               – service programs and retirement awards
–           safety awards (very important)
Theme Parks / Special Entertainment

i.e. Water parks, Ontario Place Sport organizations i.e. Blue Jays, Farm Teams This is a big market

  • Have a souvenir shop buy product
  • Name badges for staff
  • Giveaway product for groups and when they do shows
  • plaques for groups and companies who visit

Human Resources

  • Service programs

Conservation Authorities


  • Ribbons, plaques awards for special events i.e. festival
  • lapel pins plastic and metal, giveaways
  • also have service programs



Community Relations

  • Donor programs – Plaques, pins, clocks, jewelry, key fobs
  • Donor Walls – wall at front of hospital indicating individual donor
  • Giveaways for special fund raising
  • also run corporate races etc thus need plaques, pins, medals and giveaway


  • have pins and name badges

Human Resources

  • Service programs
  • attendance programs
  • safety programs


  • recognition programs for nurses also give out giveaways for nurses week

Real Estate Office

  • Award – Sales awards quota plaques
  • give out pins, jewelry, functional awards
  • Promotion – Fridge magnets with each individual agents name and phone
  • number on the bottom, key fobs, coasters, name badges, pens
  • gifts to home buyers

* a number of real estate offices have a sales rep of the month board at the entrance of the office. Each board shows the picture and indicates the name of the sales rep of the month for
each month and the rep of the year for each year. The idea is that a number of customers want to deal with the top producers. They are the people who sell the homes.
Real Estate Boards



  • Boards give out jewelry pins, plaques, functional awards to top agents on the board i.e. sales over a million dollars
  • Pins to designate membership in the board
  • Also do special functions where promotion products needed
  • Also plaques and functional awards are given to board members who serve
  • on committees


There are a large number of associations in Canada i.e. The Advertising Association of
Canada. There are associations for sports, business, charities, governments, groups of people, and people with common interests. A large number of these associations like to promote
themselves, they will do a number of projects to do this. Associations buy a lot of product. Some even have fulfillment programs.
Plaques to all members. Every member receives a plaque which designates membership in
their association. These plaques can be hung in a predominant place. The plaques give the
member creditability with people who come into their office.
metal, plastic and jewelry pins for all members helps promote association and give
Run year end meeting. Need name badges, awards for members and committee members.
Also the need for promotion products.
Golf Courses
Pro Shop – a number of pros buy awards, prizes and giveaway products for course tournaments.
Also have a store so they sell products out of that store.
Sample Service Program # 1
1 Year    Custom Lapel Pin, Stick Pin
5 Year    SS/GP Lapel Pin
10 Year    G/P Lapel Pin
15 Year    G/P Lapel Pin mounted on an accessories
20 Year    1OKT Gold Lapel Pin
25 year    10 KT Lapel Pin with a diamond, 10

  • NOTE – each lapel pin can be substituted with a stick pin, pedant or charm

Sample Service Program # 2
1 Year    Standard custom base metal pin
5 Year    G/P or 1OKT Lapel Pin
10 Year    G/P or 1OKT Lapel Pin with 1 ruby
15 Year    G/P or 1OKT Lapel Pin with 2 rubies
20 Year    G/P or 1OKT Lapel Pin with 3 rubies
25 Year    G/P or IOKT Lapel Pin with 1 Diamond
3OYear    G/P or 1OKT Lapel Pin with 2 Diamond
Important Points about AT Design’s Jewellery
1)  Die casting is – less expensive in smaller runs (die charge is minimal)
– higher quality more detail
2)  We can make a prototype sample before production for a small charge
3)  We can manufacture in sterling silver, gold plate, 10, 14 or 18KT gold
4)  Precious or semi precious stones can be set
5)  We can make 1 jewelry item or 1000 – their are no minimums
6)  Average weight of lapel pins is 2 grams. Pins can be made lighter or heavier depending on price
7) Artwork is done by our fully qualified art department. We manufacture our own dies
8)  Quality is assured. We have experienced jewellers and stone setters on staff
9)  A fully trained support staff monitor every order
10) Our delivery is fast. You are dealing with the manufacturer
Advantages of Jewelry
1) Jewelry retains its value and never goes out of style
2) Because jewelry is custom designed it cannot be priced in a store
3) The custom design reflects the best image of the company or association
4) Jewelry maintains its quality indefinitely
5) Jewelry has universal appeal and will satisfy both male and female recipients
6) Jewelry offers a wide range of price to suite all budgets
7) Jewelry remains long after cash and travel bonus are forgotten

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