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Setting up a Table in CorelDraw

Sometimes when you have to set up for a coache’s plaque or a annual plaque where you are engraving all the names it is easier to use a table layout. A table keeps all the text in line, spaced and you can justify the cells if you want.

Here is a Sample Setup


Here is a sample setup. You can see that the text is evenly spaced out and flows in the 3 columns.

Select the Table Tool


Click on the table tool icon in the ToolBox (1)

Decide on How Many Columns and Rows


In this example, I placed in 6 rows and 3 columns

Draw Your Table


With the Table Tool active your cursor will turn into a plus symbol plus a grid (1).

Resize The Table


We need to make the table the size that we want it to be. I have 3 columns and the plates are 3 inches wide. This means I need 9 inches of width. I have a .25 inch margin between two columns so the overall width is 9.5 inches. The height is 6 rows at 1 inch no margin. Thus the height is 6 inches. So we need to resize the table to 9.5 by 6 inches. We do this by using the size command in the transformation docker.

Place in the Table Height


First uncheck the Proportional Check box (1). Next enter in your table height and width (2)

Select the Table and Table Tool


By default, the setting of our table has no justification either vertical or horizontal. The font size also needs to be changed.

Open Up the Character Formatting Docker


To make changes to the fonts, text size or italics requires us to open the Character formatting docker. It is located under TEXT (1) | CHARACTER FORMATTING (2)

Make Your Changes


Here you can make changes to the font (1) and the text size (2).

Change the justification


To change the justification requires us to open the Paragraph Formatting docker. It is located under TEXT (1) | PARAGRAPH FORMATTING (2).

Change our justification to Center


Change your Vertical and Horizontal justification to center (1) and (2).

Select Your Text


To place in text requires us to activate the text tool. Click on the Text tool in the Toolbox (1).

Click Inside the Text Box


To enter in text for the first box, click inside the box. You will see the cursor flashing and there will be selection handles around the cell (1). If you want to change any text attributes, you can do it here (2) and (3).

Type in a Name


If you type in a name you can see that the justification is proper. Both top and bottom

Enter in Another Name


Enter in your names till you fill up the table

Select the Table


To make changes to the table means we have to select the table.

Delete the Borders


In this example, I do not want to have the borders of the table print. Thus, I have to select the table and then select the border (1). I have selected the All selections (2).

Delete the Borders


Select the line style (1) as None (2).

No More Borders


We have no borders

Change the justification of One Column


Sometimes when are doing layouts in columns we want the left column to be left justified and the right column right justified. First select the table icon in the Tool Box (1).

Select the Column


Move your cursor over the table till it becomes a black arrow (1). Note: it may be better to do this when you a border that is seen.

Your Column Becomes Hashed


Your column is now selected as it has a blue hash

Select Left


From the Character Formatting Docker select Left (1)

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