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Setup Lesson – Customer Supplied Word Doc

When a customer gives us text it is not always in the best format. But the good thing is, anytime we get the text we do not have to spell check which cuts down on errors. So I will always gladly take text. In this case I had a customer that got a work file from their customer. They did not know how to get it into CorelDraw so I did this lesson to show them how. There might be a better way and it was not as fast as it the text was formatted but doing it this way meant that I did not have to spell check.

Here is the Original


Here is the original Word doc I got from my customer whom got it from their customer. The text is not formatted properly to be able to use the print merge in CorelDraw. So I am going to use cut and paste and create individual plates.

Cut and Paste From Word


Select the first text for the plate in Word by dragging and selecting the text.

Copy Text to the ClipBoard


With the text selected go to EDIT (1) | PASTE (2)

Create our Plate in CorelDraw


Our text is being held in the Windows Clipboard so we can do other things. Let us first create the new plate in CorelDraw which is 3.5 (1) by 2 (2).

Select the Text Tool


To be able to paste the text in we need to activate the text tool. Click on the ” A” icon (1) and your cursor will turn into an insert cursor. To start text you will need to click on your page with the text tool activated.

Paste the Text


Now go to EDIT (1) and Paste (2).

Maintain the Fonts and Formatting


CorelDraw will ask you if you want to want to keep or discard the fonts or formatting. Seeing we need to keep the formatting and the font I will say yes

Our Text is in CorelDraw


Our four lines of text are now in CorelDraw

Center the Text


Because my text needs to go into the center of the text Select the text and then press the “P” command on your keyboard. This is a hot key and centers my text within my page.

Create a Second set of the text


Drag the original text of your page and onto the desktop and right click. This will create a Duplicate of our original text. It is off our page so it does not interfere with the first page. What I am going to do is to use this second text as the text I will paste into.

Create a New Page


Create a new page (1). We will automatically be taken to page 2. The new page will have no text on the page, but there will be text below the page.

A New Page has Been Created


If we look in our object manager, you will see that we now have two pages in CorelDraw.

Select the Text


Select your text that is off the page.

Create a Duplicate Copy of the Text


We need to create a duplicate copy of the text that is off the page. Make sure that the text is selected. Press the “+” key on the keyboard (1). The “+” key creates a duplicate copy right on top of the original text.

Center the Text


The text that was duplicated needs to be centered in the page. Press the “P” key (1). This will center the text on the page.

Edit the Text


Now the hot key to edit text is Ctrl shift and T (1, 2, 3). Hold the Ctrl and the shift and then the “T”. This opens the text edit box.

Alternatively Select EDIT TEXT


If you do not want to use the hot keys you can go to the TEXT (1) EDIT TEXT (2)

Select the Text


Our text window is open. Now we need to go back to work and get the second line of text.

Select the Text and Copy it in Word


In word as we had earlier selected the second line of text (1) and then go to EDIT (2) and COPY (3)

Select the Text In CorelDraw


Swipe your text in CorelDraw so that the text is gray (1)

Paste the Word Text Into CorelDraw


Right click on the text and select Paste (1).

Select Maintain Fonts and Formatting


In this case keep Maintain Fonts and Formatting (1). Then click OK (2).

Our Text has Changed


Our text has changed to the copied text from word. Now repeat the steps where you create a new plate, create duplicate text that is on the desktop, create a new page, press P to center the text open up the text input window in CorelDraw, go to word copy the next plate’s text, go back to Corel and paste in the text.

Finished Plates


Here is a shot of some of the plates.: Note to print the plates as one job uses the imposition command.

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