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Weld Command – Creating a Legend Plate

A lot of times over the years I have been asked or needed to recreate an object that someone else has created. These objects could be logos or web graphics or legend plates. A lot times the image that I have been given needs to be redrawn as the original …

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Working With Guidelines – Advanced

In our previous tutorial we looked at how to input guidelines more as margins for a product than using the Guidelines as tools for drawing, locating etc. In this tutorial we will spend time on Guideline Positioning With the guideline selected you can see that its location is at the …

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Recreating a Logo Using the Envelope Command

This was a request from a customer on how to recreate the text so that it flows in curve along the top of the text but is still straight at the bottom. We do this using the Envelope command in CorelDraw. The Envelope command is a very powerful tool that …

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Creating a Ruler in CorelDraw

One of my dealers asked for some help on this order that they where trying to get. It is creating a ruler. I have been asked about this a couple of times so let us make the file up and show you how to do it. Here is the File …

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