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Text Properties Docker

In this article, we will look at how to decipher the Text Properties Docker. Why Use the Text Properties Docker? It allows you to control all aspects of the Text you are using. Open up The Text Properties Docker To open up the Text Properties docker go to TEXT (1) …

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Text Terminology

In this article we will look at Text terminology. What this means is that we will be looking at certain terms that are used to describe text. Some of it may seem rather basic but for some beginners it may not. Font A design for a set of characters. A …

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Arcing Text in CorelDraw Part 1 Pre X3

Arcing Text in CorelDraw Help File – Although most commands are fairly intuitive in CorelDraw there are some such as arcing text that, for a lot of people, tend to create a questions as to how it is done. Create our Circle and Text Arcing text in CorelDraw is easy …

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Creating a Laser Job from an Email

Here is a job one of my dealers asked us to do. This is not a hard job but he did not have a laser so we did the job for him. He emailed me the suggested setup from his customer. I also had to go to Brands of the …

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Creating a Basic Badge Layout

When we are looking at using CorelDraw we have to start some where. For most of us this means creating some sort of layout. When you are working in CorelDraw everything you do is a layout. In this section we will look at creating two different products. These exercises are …

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