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Text Properties Docker

In this article, we will look at how to decipher the Text Properties Docker. Why Use the Text Properties Docker? It allows you to control all aspects of the Text you are using.

Open up The Text Properties Docker


To open up the Text Properties docker go to TEXT (1) | TEXT PROPERTIES (2)

Make Sure the Character Properties Icon is Selected – Artistic Text


There are 3 main sections to the text property dialogue box. Our first stop is to look at the Character properties. Make sure it is selected by clicking on the “A” (1) icon. We will first look at Artistic text than Paragraph text.

Change the Fonts


The first property we can change in the Text Property is the actual font. In the Text Property docker I can select any font I want and assign it to selected font.

Text Property Docker Adjustments


There are a number of commands that you can use to change your text properties. Let us look at some of them.

  1. This allows us to change the font style such as bold or italics
  2. This section allows us to change the font size
  3. This is the fill section for the text background
  4. This is the fill section for the background behind the text
  5. This is the outline section
  6. Caps or Lower Case
  7. Subscript or Superscript
  8. This is for annotations
  9. This is Capital Spacing
  10. The is for number formatting
  11. This is for fraction setting
  12. This is for artistic sets
  13. This is for strike through
  14. This is character overline

Let Us Look at the Previous Section


The above figure shows that we have the fill – black. The Outline – red and The Font background – blue

Subscript and Superscript


The Subscript and the Superscript allows us to cause the character to be placed on top of the letter superscript and the bottom as per the figure subscript

Change a Fraction


You can create a proper fraction by selecting the fraction setting

Move Letters


With letters selected we have the ability to adjust the individual letters. We can move the letters left or right (1) – a positive number moves the letters right and a negative number moves them left. We can tilt the selected letters (2). We can move the selected letters up or down from the baseline (3)

Section 2 of the Text Properties


In the second section there are controls that we can use to control other text properties.

  1. This sections allows us to change the Justification
  2. This section is line spacing
  3. This section is character spacing
  4. This is word spacing

Line Spacing


This command controls the spacing between the lines.

Character Spacing


This command allows us to control the spacing between characters.

Word Spacing


This command allows us to control the spacing of the words

Paragraph Commands


If you want to effect paragraph settings you can select the paragraph properties icon as per 1 in the above image.

Paragraph Text


Although for the most part the majority of CorelDraw users use Artistic text CorelDraw does have a second type of text. This text is called Paragraph text. Like Artistic text Paragraph text follows most of the same rules in terms of adjustment commands. For example, if you want to change the colour of the text select the text and go to the Text properties and select the colour. Exactly the same way you would do it with Artistic text.

Spacing in the Paragraph


The one area that you can adjust that you can not do with Artistic text is the spacing in the paragraph. These are as follows

  1. Left Indent. This adjusts the left indent in the paragraph
  2. Right Indent. This adjusts the right indent in the paragraph
  3. First Line indent. Whenever you indent the left or the right side the first line does not indent so this command allows you to focus only on the first line
  4. Before Spacing – Creates a space before the paragraph
  5. After Spacing – Creates a space at the end of the paragraph
  6. Line Spacing – this adjusts the spacing between the lines

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