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Using Corel PhotoPaint’s Clone Tool Part 2

Clone the Bad Area


Now it is time to click in another area to repair that area. If you look you have two points on the cursor – a “+” sign and an “o”. The plus sign is where you are sampling and the “o” is where the sample is being placed.

The Photo is Fixed


If you want to change the area that is to be sampled than you can right click on the area that you want to sample. Than left click on the area to be cloned.
Repeat this step until you have fixed up your photo.
Figure 2 shows the photo that is fixed.

Creating an Object Layer before Cloning


One of the problems in using the technique as described above is that you are editing right on the actual photo. What about if you want to clone in sections and not destroy the original photo that you brought into PhotoPaint. Programs such as PhotoPaint allow you to place a layer on top of the original photo so that any changes that are made to the photo do not affect the image. This is actually the way you are suppose to do it. Thus, you may have a layer for one tear while you have another layer for a faded part of the photo. Thus, if you want to change something you are not altering the whole photo. This way you can go back and make changes without destroying the original photo.
To create an Object Layer you need to make sure that the “Objects” Docker window is open. To open the object docker go to Windows => Dockers => Objects.
Figure 3 shows the Object Docker open. The photo is the only object in the Docker.

Create an Object


To create an object on top of the photo go to the bottom of the window and click on the “new object” button – see Figure 4.

Object Layer


Now you will see an object layer appear above the original photo – See Figure 5

Active Layer


You will notice that the layer is blue. This means that it is the active layer and anything that you do will be placed on this layer not the photograph layer. Thus, if you do not like what you have done, you can just delete the layer – even if you have saved the job.
To create another layer for editing than just click on the “New Object” button- make sure that the layer is selected and start cloning – see Figure 6. Remember that the layer on top hides the layers below.

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