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Using Laser It White with black printing metal

This lesson offers a quick tutorial on creating a photograph on the new Laser it Material with your CO2 laser machine. This material is available from Trotec and is good for plaque designs

Here is our original photo


Import your image into CorelDraw

Select Contrast Enhancement



Contrast Enhancement Command Window


When you are in the command window there are a couple of things to note. The first is that if the preview windows are not open, click on the two buttons at the top left to open either a single pane preview or a dual (1). I like the dual pane (2) and (3). The dual pane consists of the original image and the preview image that shows you the adjustments that you make. To see these changes make sure that the lock button (4) is engaged.

Make your adjustments in the Contrast Command


Because we are going onto a white material our adjustments need to be made in the whiter spectrum of the image. Adjust the top left slider (1) which will darken the darker shades in the image. Make only minimal changes here. With the left slider more it to the right (1)  and the right slider (2) bring the slider inwards to the left. The adjustments need to be more extreme here. If you want to lighten up or darken the whole image you can adjust the Gamma adjustment (3).

We have now increased the Contrast of our image


The one important step in working on a laser photo is that we typically want to increase the contrast of the image. By adjusting these sliders in CorelDraw we have increased the contrast of the image

Sharpen the image


We now need to sharpen the image. Go to BITMAP | SHARPEN (2) | UNSHARP MASK (3)

Make our Adjustments


Our original image (1) and the preview image (2) are viewable. Make sure that the lock button is about to see the preview. If the windows are not open, click one of the view window buttons (4). We will be adjusting the Percentage (5) and the Radius (6)

Adjust your sharpness


In this example, I have adjusted the Percentage to 404 (1) and the Radius to 3 (2). I typically do not adjust the Threshold (3).

Our image is sharpened


Here is our image sharpened. You can see that the image has lost some of its subtle greys which is what I was trying to achieve

Set Your Power and Speed


Set your power and speed in your print driver. This material requires minimal power.

Here is the finished image


Here is girl lasered on the white laser it. Sorry for the line I only had one piece and the power was just not perfect. The black line is a 2% increase. I had started at 12 percent power, but it should have been 13.

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  1. David L Knowles

    How do i setup my Coreldraw 2018 to send the image to my laser machine for etching

    • Hi Dave

      Setting up CorelDraw to output to the laser is easy. The only issue is to make sure that your workspace is in RGB. Go to TOOLS|COLOR MANAGEMENT|DEFAULT SETTINGS. Setting the default space from CMYK to RGB

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