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Using LMC 6044P Aerosol Can

For a number of years we have relied on the Thermark / Cermark to allow us to mark stainless steel and other metals. One reason this process has become so successful is that there always has been an aerosol spray available to make it easy to apply the spray to the metal. For ceramics and glass the only way to successfully apply the thermark material was to mix a paste along with Ethanol and air brush the spray onto our product. Because we had to use an air brush it meant doing smaller runs was not practical. For this reason not many people used the product on glass and ceramics. To promote the use of the glass and ceramic spray Thermark had placed the product in an aerosol can. Now we can easily spray small runs of glass or ceramics. THe beauty of the LMC 6044 P is that it works on any glass or ceramics. You can go to any hardware store and buy any tile or glass and you can now decorate it. The only problem is that the only colour we have it black. Well at least that is a start. This tutorial will show you how to process the spray onto ceramic.

Here is Our Spray


Here is the can that you can purchase. It is LMC 6044P. The colour is black.

Here Is a Image of a Deer


Here is an image of a deer line art drawing that is in CorelDraw. I will use this image to laser engrave the image on a ceramic tile that I bought from a local hardware store for 99 cents.

Our Print Settings


Here is the print settings I used for my first tile. 500 DPI 50 speed and 50 power. I am using an Trotec Speedy 300 80 watt.

Here is a 600 DPI Image


This image was created on a Home Depot tile

Here is a 400 DPI Image


This image was done on a home depot tile at 400 DPI. There is no difference between the 600 and the 400 DPI image other than the 400 DPI image is lasered 20 percent faster

Here is Another Image From CorelDraw


Here is our image in CorelDraw. The image has been ocnverted to black and white using an error diffusion algorithnm in this case the stucki. Note for a good tutorial on lasering photos onto tile using the LP6044P see this article

Here is our 300 DPI Image


Here is a photo that was lasered at 300 DPI. Notice the quality in the image. Even if I was to laser it at a hight resolution it would look the same.

Our Image in CorelDraw 400 DPi


This image was lasered at 400 DPI

600 DPI Thermarked Image on a Tile


This image was lasered at 600 DPI. Notice how black the image is. Be careful when you use a higher resolution sometimes it can over engrave. I ted to use no higher a resoluiton than 400

400 DPI Thermarked Image on a Tile


Here is the image at 400 DPI

200 DPI Themarked Image on Tile


Here is an image done at 200 DPI. You can see that the detail is still very clear

400 DPI image


400 DPI Image


400 DPI Image


400 DPI Image


400 DPI image


400 DPI image


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