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Using the Direction Arrows for Objects

One of the new features to come out of Corel X4 and X5 is the ability to see what direction your machine will be moving based on the object. Typically, when it comes to engraving, whether it is with a laser or with a rotary our direction was controlled via two main nodes on the object you are working with. The home node is where you object begins to engrave. The end node is where the engraving ends. In earlier versions of Coreldraw X3 and before the way we had to check for the beginning of an object was to select the shape tool click on the object and press the HOME key. This would take us to the beginning. The END key on your keyboard would take you to the end. Now with X4 and X5 we actually see the direction of the path by a set of arrows.

Freehand Line


I have drawn a basic freehand line using the freehand tool in the Toolbox

Select the Shape tool


Select the shape tool from the Toolbox. Your cursor will turn into a big triangle

Our line shows the direction with triangles


In our diagram you can see what way the path or object will engrave. The home node is (1). The end node is (2). Note: it does not matter how many nodes are in between, you can only have an end node and a beginning node.

To reverse the direction right click on the line


What about if you want to go the other way where the start is the end and the end is the start? You can do this by right clicking on the line with the shape tool (1). Select Reverse SubPaths (2).

Our direction is changed


Now our line is traveling in the opposite direction.

To turn on off this feature, uncheck show curve direction


If you want to turn off this feature go to TOOLS | OPTIONS. Next, select EDIT (1) and than Show curve direction when editing (2).

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