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Using the Find and Replace Command to Replace Text Strings

In this article we will look at how to find a certain text string and replace it with another one. This can be a very handy tool when we are looking at doing multiples where we say have a group of plates that have Champion on it and want to do another set of plates that have Finalist in it. Using the find and replace command can allow us to easily do this.

Create a 12 by 24 Plate


First of all create a 12 by 24 inch plate. We are assuming we are going to create a 12 by 24 sheet with 1 by 3 plates on Trolase Thins

Create a Vertical Guideline


Create a vertical guideline and place it at the 3 inch mark. Although I do not need to create the guidelines it is always a good step to help for visual setups. Note to create a guideline place your cursor over the ruler and while holding the left mouse button down drag out a guideline

Create our Horizontal Guideline


Create a Horizontal guideline

Create Our Text


I need to type in my text. Make sure the text is center justified.

Re Locate Your Text


I need to move my text to the proper location of the first plate. We have a 1 by 3 plate we are going to move it to the proper location. In Corel I can place an object either by eye not recommended or by placing in the actual numbers location. For this example I will use the numbers to locate the text. Before we place in the X Y co ordinates we need to let Corel know we are measuring from the center handle. Select the text and in the property bar and click on the center handle (1) – the black square is the center handle. You can see the text sits in the middle of my 1 by 3 plate that is signified by the two guidelines.

Fill Up The 12 by 24 Sheet


I need to duplicate the plate throughout the 12 by 24. I am going to use the step and repeat command to do this just to do something different

Create Your Horizontal Copies


My first step is to create my duplicates along the horizontal axis. In your horizontal settings in the Step and Repeat command set your setting to “Offset” (1) and your distance to the width of the plate.

We Have Created 8 Plates


There is one original and 7 duplicates

Create or Vertical Copies


We now need to create our duplicates for our vertical repeat. In my Vertical settings I have set for Offset (1). My Plate is 1 inch high so my distance is 1 (2). Number of copies is 11 (3). This will give me a total of 12

I Have Filed Up the 12 by 24 Sheet


I now have created 8 times 12 – 2 copies. This is a total of 96 copies.

Let Us Change Champion to Finalist


I am now going to use the replace command to change Champion to Finalist

Select The Replace Text Command


Our next step is to replace the Champion text in all our multiples. We do this by opening up the Replace Text command. Go to EDIT (1) | Find and Replace (2) | Replace Text (3).

Replace Your Text


I am going to Find Champion (1) and Replace with Finalist (2). Click on Replace All (3).

Our Replacement is Done


You can see that Finalist is now where Champion was

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