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Weld Command – Creating a Legend Plate

A lot of times over the years I have been asked or needed to recreate an object that someone else has created. These objects could be logos or web graphics or legend plates. A lot times the image that I have been given needs to be redrawn as the original was not good enough. A lot of times having to redraw something is not the most desirable thing that I want to do. But to get the proper quality this has to be done. In this example, I will redraw a legend plate. The only tool that I will use is the Weld command. This project took me 5 minutes to do. This shows you that it can be fast to recreate an object if we look at it and break it down into its components.
Help File weld.cdr

Here is the Legend Plate that needs to be recreated


Here is the original legend plate that needs to be recreated. This is quite easy to do using the weld command. My original image is a JPEG of the image, but it could be a picture or a scan.

Create Your Guidelines


The trick to creating any logo or object is to use guidelines to help draw. These guidelines are needed as they help you position your object and they can be used in helping you draw. You can see that I have created a number of guidelines. Each one indicating a certain area of the legend plate. For example, there is a rectangle that will be used for the slot of the switch I have marked it with 4 numbers.

Switch to Wireframe Mode


To allow me to easily see what I am drawing I will switch to wireframe mode. This mode takes all the colour out of any pictures and removes any fill from my view. Select EDIT (1) | WIREFRAME (2)

Open the Object Manager


When I am drawing I like to use the Object Manager. To Open it, go to TOOLS (1) | OBJECT MANAGER (2).

Create a New Layer


I have renamed the layer that has the original legend plate on it to “Original Legend Plate” (1). I now need to create a new layer that I will place my new legend plate that I am creating on.

Select New Layer


Select “New Layer” (1)

Rename the Layer to New


I have renamed the layer to “New” (1). Note: because our objects that we are going to draw are going to reside in the “New” layer we need to make sure that it is selected. We know that it is selected as the name “New” is red. Thus anything that is drawn will go in this layer.

Select Snap to Guidelines


When I am using the guidelines as the borders for my drawing I like to turn on “Snap to Guidelines”. Select EDIT (1) | SNAP TO GUIDELINES (2)

Turn On Dynamic Guidelines


To aid in my snapping to the edge of my guidelines I will turn on Dynamic Guidelines. As I get to the edge or the corner or the intersect Corel will tell me this. Go to EDIT (1) | DYNAMIC GUIDES (2).

Draw a Rectangle


If we look at our legend plate you will notice that it consists of 2 rectangles and 2 ellipses. So there are the 4 shapes we will draw. Let us start with the Rectangles so select the rectangle tool (1).

Start Drawing the Rectangle


Move your cursor over the top left intersection of the two guidelines. Your cursor will display the word “Intersection”. As this is the top left hand corner, then click down on the corner with your mouse and drag downwards to the right while holding onto the left mouse button.

Finish off the Rectangle


Drag down to the bottom right hand corner until you see the word “Intersection” (1). Let go of the mouse your rectangle is drawn.

Select the Ellipse Tool


Now that we have drawn our first rectangle, let us draw the first ellipse. Select the ellipse tool (1).

Start Drawing your Ellipse


As we did with the rectangle start at the intersecting guidelines at the top left hand corner of the two intersecting guidelines. See the word “intersecting” (1). Click your left mouse button and hold and drag down towards the right. Note: remember all ellipses are created with a rectangle shape even though they are ellipse. Thus my guidelines reflect where the rectangle starts.

Finish off the Ellipse


Drag down to the bottom right corner of the intersecting guidelines (1). You can see the word “intersection” listed. Let go of the mouse.

My First Ellipse is Drawn


You can see that my ellipse follows the shape of the original legend plate.

Do a Proportional Scale and Duplicate


It is easier with this step to create the second ellipse by mirroring the first one that I have drawn. To do this click on your top right hand selection handle and start dragging upwards to the right (1).

Create the Second Ellipse


As you drag up Corel will show you the new size of the ellipse with a blue line. Once you get to the right area as per the figure while still holding down the left mouse button right click with your mouse. This will create a copy of the ellipse. Release the mouse.

Second Ellipse is Created


The second Ellipse is now created (2). It is an exact copy of the first (1).

We have 3 objects in the Object Manager


I will create the tab in a little while. I now have the three objects that I need. I have 1 rectangle and 2 ellipses. They are in one layer. I have named the ellipses inside and outside

Select the Outside Ellipse and the Rectangle


I am going to weld the Outside ellipse and the rectangle. So we need to select these two. This is easy from the Object Manager. Click with your left mouse button on the ellipse (1)to select it. Now, while holding down the crtl key, click on the Rectangle (2) to select it. Both Objects are now selected as they are highlighted in blue.

Click on Weld


The weld can be done either from the Weld command from the Shaping Docker or from the property bar. This is a simple weld so you can use the property bar (1). Click on the weld icon.

Shaping Docker


You can also use the Weld command that is located in the shaping docker. Go to ARRANGE (1) | Shaping (2) | Shaping (3).

Shaping Docker


With only one object selected let us use the rectangle, Select “Weld” (1). Uncheck Source and Target Objects (2, 3). Then click weld to. Which in this case is the outside ellipse.

New Object


I now have a new object called Outside Ellipse which is an object.

Welded Shapes


Here is our welded shape. You can see that I now have the legend plate almost done I just need the notch to be placed in the inside circle.

Create the Notch


Select the Rectangle tool. Now go to the top left hand corner and click on the intersecting guidelines (it says intersecting (1)). Drag to the bottom right.

Move to Intersecting Guidelines


Drag down till the intersecting text comes up (1). Now before you let go of the left mouse drag down.

Move Below the Ellipse


Move below the inside ellipse and make sure you see “Edge” (1). Let go of the mouse.

Weld the Circle and the Notch


Now we can select the inside circle (2) and the notch (1). Again, I do this from the Object Manager.

Select Weld


Select the Weld icon from the Property bar. This will weld the two objects together.

The Weld is Done


My weld is done and so is the legend plate

My Legend Plate is Finished


My legend plate is now finished. The blue lines indicate the two objects that I created.


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  1. The only tool that I will use is the Weld command. This project took me 5 minutes to do. This shows you that it can be fast to recreate an object

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