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When I create a thick outline my square edges get cut off in CorelDraw

One of the problems that people have when they are resizing vector graphics in CorelDraw is that some of of the outlines when made bigger lose there squareness at the edge. This is not a bug in the software but is a preset in the software. You can change this in the miter setting in the outline setup up or make it a default in the styles setup in options area.

Here is our original image


Here is our original image. You can see that all the corners are sharp. I have two 45 degree corners (1, 2) and I have 1 90 degree corner (3).

Our 45 Degree Corners Get Cut Off


If I place a wider line on the original line my two 45 degree corners get cut off or mitered by Corel. This is no good for me so I need to change this.

Select the Outline Pen Tool


Let us change the miter level so that Corel will not cut the corners. Select the Outline Pen tool (1).

Select the Outline Pen dialog Box


To change the miter level we need to go into our outline pen dialog box. Select the Outline Pen dialog command from the menu.

Change the Width and Miter Limit


Change the Width to 0.125 width (1). Change the Miter level to 44 degrees. Note: by default Corel will miter anything that is 45 degrees or less. By changing the miter level to 44 means that it will not adjust my 45 degree corners on my image.

My Corners do not Miter


You can see that my corners have not changed they are still the same. This is because I told CorelDraw not to miter any corners more than 44 degrees. I did this in the previous step. Thus if you find that you are creating thicker lines make sure that you also change the miter level so that the corners do not change. I normaly just set this to zero

Setting the Default Miter Pre X6


If you want to set this as a default go to TOOLS (1) | OPTIONS (2)

Select Default Graphic


Select Styles (1) and than Default Graphic (2)

Click on Edit


Select Edit (1)

Change the Miter Level


Change the miter level to say 1 (1) and click Ok (2).

Select Save Options


Select Document (1). Than Save Options as Defaults (2). Than Styles (3). Than Click on OK (4).

Corel X6 and Higher



Select the Graphic Option


Select the Graphic (1) option

Make Your Miter 0


Make Your Miter 0 (1). Note : this is also where we change the default so our pen line is red RGB (2) and the Line Thickness is Hairline (3)

Set as New Document Default


Click on the Style Sheet Icon (1). Select SET AS NEW DOCUMENT DEFAULT (2)


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