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When I scale an image up I want the line width to scale with it

Sometimes when you want to scale a vector drawing up you may want that line width to scale up or down with the other objects. This is quite easy in CorelDraw.

Create a simple vector object


I created a rectangle

Assign an 8pt line width


Select the rectangle and go to the pen tool in the toolbox (1). Select 8pt (2)

Our rectangle has an 8pt outline


When an object is selected we can see in the status bar that the line width is 8 points.

A smaller object and the line width stays the same


If we resize the image smaller (or bigger) than you will notice that the line width stays the same. The issue is how do we make it so that the outline scales as we resize our image.

Select the Outline Pen Tool dialog Box


With our image selected select the pen tool (1). Next select the Outline Pen Tool dialog box (2)

Adjust your values in the Outline Pen dialog Box


To make the outlines scale select the “Scale with Image” check box (1). From within this dialog box you can change the line width (2), The thickness (3) and the colour (4).

Scale up your image


You can see that when I scale my image up the outline increases from 8 pt to 21.827. If you closely at the edge of the outline you will see that there is a new problem which we need to deal with. This is the miter setting in the outline dialog box. We will look at this in another tutorial on setting the miter settings for an outline. If you look back at the previous drawin gyou will notice the Miter Limit is 45. To eliminate the miter make the value 0.


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