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Working With Guidelines – Advanced

In our previous tutorial we looked at how to input guidelines more as margins for a product than using the Guidelines as tools for drawing, locating etc. In this tutorial we will spend time on

Guideline Positioning


With the guideline selected you can see that its location is at the 2 inch mark (1) and it is 90 degrees straight up (2).

Lock Your Guideline


You can lock your guideline in place by either selecting this switch or option. Note: you can lock a guideline by also right clicking on the guideline.

Snap to Guidelines


Align your objects with the guidelines in your document. When you select this option when you move your cursor close to a guideline the object snaps to the line.

Guideline Options


Allows us to go into the Guideline Setup and setup our guidelines

Center of Rotation


This allows me to rotate the line based on the center of the guideline as opposed to either end

Angle of Rotation


The Angle of Rotation allows us to specify the angle that we rotate our guideline (1).

Object Position


As we have gone over already this command allows us to locate the guideline where we want in our workspace.

Center of rotation


Later in this tutorial we will show you how to create a guideline on an angle. Because the guideline is infinite its center rotation angle is not at either end, but somewhere on your page. The center of rotation for this line is 2 inches (1) and 6 inches (2). We know this because it is displayed in the property bar and is indicated by the round circle (3) that is shown when we click twice on the guideline. Note the center of rotation can be changed by clicking on the circle (center of rotation) with the mouse – while holding down the left mouse button and moving it along the line. Also, you can angle the guideline by click on the double arrow at the top or bottom of the line (4).

Create a 6 by 6 inch page with 2 guidelines


Let us take a look at doing some more intricate setups with the guidelines. For this example, we will create a 6 by 6 inch page and place guidelines at the 3 inch on the X (1) and 3 inches on the Y (2)

Create a second guideline at the 3 inch mark on the X


Create a guideline and pull it out to the location on the page as per my above example (1). In the X location (2) type in 3. Your guideline will be on top of the first guideline. Note: you could have selected the guideline and pressed the “plus” key on the num pad on your keyboard and created a duplicate on top of the original. To select a guideline just click on it with your mouse.

Change the Angle of Rotation of the guideline


As you can see our second guideline is on top the the other guideline. We are going to change the angle of rotation to 45 degrees.

Angle of Rotation


Set your angle of rotation at 45 degrees (1)

Our line changes to 45


Our line is now at 45 degrees (1). The center of rotation is still 3 and 3. But the turning of the line is at that intersection of 3 by 3 (2)

Create another Guideline at 315 degrees


Here is the guideline setup up for a guideline that finishes off a suggested setup. At 315 (360 – 45) degree (2) I have an opposite line from the original line that I drew. Note: As long as the center of rotation is the same which in this case is 3 and 3 (2).

Here is how CorelDraw works with angles


One of the problems with CorelDraw is understanding how the angles work when you are working with them. I have marked on the angles that you would place in the angle of rotation if you want that angle on your guideline. 0, 180 and 360 are the same.

Master Guidelines


Typically, when we create a guideline, it is stored in the master guideline laser. This layer is by default viewable, editable, but not printable (2). Thus the guidelines will not print. I have selected the 0 degree guideline and it is highlighted in the Object Manager (1).

Each page can have its own guideline


As of X4 you are able to apply guidelines to different pages. Thus if you have a number of pages in a job and you want different guidelines than you can set different guidelines per page. You can see that I have 2 guidelines in the Master Page (dark blue lines) (1) and 2 guidelines in Page 1 (light blue) (2).

Hide Guidelines


We can hide guidelines by clicking on the “Eye” icon in the layer (1) that the guidelines are in.

The Master layer guidelines are hidden


I have hidden the master layer guidelines. The eye icon is grayed out.

Let us add a page to Corel


Let us add some guidelines to a new page. To create a new page click on the add page button at the bottom of your workspace (1).

Page 2 is created


Because page 2 is active the guidelines in page one are now not shown all we can see is the master page guidelines

I now have created new guidelines on page 2


I have now created 2 new guidelines for page 2. They are red in the photo and are pictured on Page 2 (1). You can see that the guidelines on Page 1 are not visible to the eye.

Hide the Master Layer


If I hide the master layer all I can see are the guidelines on Page 2.

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