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Working with The Trotec Rotary Attachment Part 2

In this lesson we will continue on looking at how to set up a rotary job on our Trotec Laser. In this lesson we will give you a quick introduction to the creating a print job that is only the size of the logo. Instead of locating the image in CorelDraw we will use Job Control to locate our image.

Create Your Job in CorelDraw


We are going to use the same set up that we used for our previous example. Our page size is 1.25 wide and 1.8 inches tall. Because of the orientation of my rotary cone I need to create my logo upside down.

Select the Trotec Printer Driver


Make sure the Trotec Laser driver is selected. In this tutorial we will now send over only the object instead of the page size we are working with. We will use the Job Control to position the image on our glass.

Create Your Page Size in the Driver


We need to create a page size that is 10 thou bigger than the width and the height that we have created in CorelDraw (1). Note: CorelDraw can not process any object or part of an object that falls within .005 thou from the edge of the page. Because of this issue we need to make the page size in the driver slightly bigger. In the driver I have added .010 thou to the width and the height (2). I have unchecked the “Rotary Attachment” (3). This makes the “Circumference” setting inactive (4) we are not going to worry about this right now. Finally set your power and speed for the product you are engraving. Click OK. You are taken back to the CorelDraw printer driver. Click “Print”. This sends the job to the Job Control software.

Select the Options Menu


Open up Job Control software. Next go to SETTINGS (1) | OPTIONS (2). We need to do this before we bring in the job and place it on the Job Control desktop.

Select Your Rotary and Diameter


First we need to expand the “Hardware” tree so that we can see Accessories (1). Click on the “Accessories” name. Here make sure the “Rotary Attachment” is selected (2). Lastly type in the Diameter of your item. My glass is 3 inches in diameter (3). When you click OK you will see a picture of the rotary attachment in the background.

My Image Will Not Rotate Unless I Have the Rotary Selected


If I do not have the rotary attachment selected then when I drag out my image onto the job control desktop my image will not rotate. The above image shows me that because the rotary was not selected the logo did not rotate

With the Rotary Selected My Image Automatically Rotates


As you can see from the background my rotary is selected. When I drag in a job the image is automatically rotated 90 degrees. The one main advantage with doing the rotary job this way is that my image only takes up the size of the page I sent over from the driver. For doing one logo on a wine glass this is not a big deal. I can position the logo left and right so that it lines up.

Locating the Engraving Position


Once I have loaded in the glass into the rotary attachment I need to bring the head of the laser over to the location of where I need the middle of my logo to go. Notice I have placed masking tape on the glass so that I can locate the red laser pointer on the glass. Note: I do not want to use the laser to rotate the glass as this means my glass will rotate before it starts to fire. I want to rotate the glass in the holder with my hand so that the glass slips on the cone. On a wine glass this is not a big deal as it does not matter on the glass where the logo goes but on a mug with a handle it is. What I strive for is having the glass not turn at all at the start and just start engraving.

Drag Your Logo to the Top of the Page


The Laser head is marked by the blue cross and it is at the top of the page. If we look at the bottom row of numbers the numbers for the laser head’s location are listed here (1). Notice that my X position (left to right) is 22.46. The Y is .56 down from the top. This values if the middle of the logo. The logo’s location is being measured from the top left corner so there numbers are different to the laser head (2). If I was to change the measurement location to the center than the head and the logo’s number would match up. Now when I start the laser the glass will not turn and just start engraving. Thus my location is exactly where I want it. As you can see when I have just the logo come over with out the page into than it is easy for me to move the logo around the table where ever I want. I tend to look to

I Have a Duplicated Job


However what about if I have a job where I need to bring in two logos and I need to match them up via the red dot pointer of the laser?. I would find it easier to do it this way. For example when I am in Job Control I can press the Ctrl key and the “D” key and create a duplicate image. Now I have two images on the desktop and I can manipulate them and place them where I want. If the page takes up the whole height as it does in part 1 than we can not place the image wherever we want.I have Duplicated the Job so that I can now match up each one of my logos with the red dot pointer on a glass. If they need to be moved in the “Y” direction this can be done very easily.

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  1. Hi MIke
    When the logo or image is circular, what is the formula to ‘squash’ the round image in CorelDraw prior to printing? I am not sure why the images on glassware have decided to become elongated. Do you have a ‘fix’ in the print driver settings for Job Control please?

    • Hi Barbie

      make sure the diameter you put in is exactly what it is at the point of engraving. If it is off than you logo will be elongated or squashed

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